Training Camp Saturday, July 26

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  1. nigel

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    Howdy strangers, long time no post...

    Just got back from the first training camp practice and thought I'd file a quick report.

    First off, the crowd was huge. We got there about 9:30 and the parking lot was already full and closed. Probably the biggest crowd I've seen since the days of joint practices with the Colts.

    It's always hard to judge running backs in practice with no pads and no tackling, but it looks like Dexter McCluster may be making us say "Chris who?" Like I said, it's hard to judge the upfront play in practice, but when he got to the second level he was practically untouchable, and lightning fast. Basically he looked like the player we wanted CJ to be for the past couple years, making people miss and turning on the after burners.

    If anyone is hoping that one of the undrafted receivers will step up and make the team, keep dreaming. None of them looked impressive at all. The only receiver who wasnt on the team last year who looked good was Derek Hagan. Marc Mariani had a couple of nice grabs. The odds are stacked against him contract and numbers wise, but dont be surprised when he makes this team (granted, I am a huge Montana fan and completely biased, but I try to call it as I see it).

    Taylor Thompson had a really nice catch in the team drills, going up high in double coverage to bring down the ball.

    Charlie Whitehusrt throws a really nice ball.... in 7 on 7 drills. In the team activities, not so much. We need to hope Jake stays healthy, and if he doesn't, that Zach Mettenberger develops quickly. If Locker goes down, our season goes down the tubes with him.
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    I knew Mariani would shut people up.
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    Thanks for the report!
  4. avvie

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    So, what, will this team, like, NEVER have an air game again? Are we the official wideout cemetary?
  5. Ensconatus

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    Huh?? Do you follow whiz's past offenses at all?
  6. avvie

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    Yes, I know about them...that wasn't my point. We just seem to suck at drafting receivers and the OP verifies that.
  7. Ensconatus

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    He said UDFAs

    He didn't mention anything about hunter/wright
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    Ah...missd that word.
    In my defense I'm still on The first cup this morning ;)
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    Lol fair enough. In reports via twitter, wright burned Sensabaugh, Hunter made a nice jumping catch. Mariani made a couple plays over Campbell.

    There is no official depth chart. Whiz said he wants people to earn the spots. I like this.

    Mccluster looked like lightening.

    Zach brown is playing ILB with Woodyard. OLBs are Morgan and Wimbley.

    Pollard picked off locker twice.

    Front three was Hill, Casey, Pito. I'm unsure who played Nose
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  10. Roscoes Wetsuit

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    Glad to hear McCluster looked pretty good, I have high hopes for him.

    Any word on how Sankey, Greene or the other backs looked today?