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    I don't understand why the Titans marketing dept. or front office don't try to do more to bring in the fans within the state. As someone mentioned earlier, there were TONS of Colts fans in the state just because Peyton played for them.

    I would really like to see them maybe play a preseason game at Neyland Stadium or in Memphis at the Liberty Bowl, or both and sell tickets for like $5 so anyone can come. That would bring in fans who normally wouldn't get to see an NFL game in their own back yards and create interest in the team. It would also keep season ticket holders here in Middle TN from having to pay full price to watch a scrimmage.
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    They did by going balls out for Peyton in free agency last year. Bud tried, just a little too hard.
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    They wouldn't even be close to filling up Neyland stadium. They can't even fill up a much smaller LP Coliseum stadium field.And I bet over half of the people at preseason games got their tickets for free (from paying ticket holders) or for very cheap, already.

    The fans (who are primarily in Nashville) would have to drive hours to Knoxville, for a scrimmage. (it wouldn't happen)

    Plus taking away a home game from LP field and and the concession sales.

    Overall, I'd see it go over like a lead balloon.

    But otherwise, yes, they should reach out more.. but most fans already have an NFL team, or else they are college fans only.
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    College football fans only are horrible people.

    See: Knoxville

    Bunch of haters in that town. I've found more Titans fans in Alabama than in East Tennessee.
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    I have seen more Ravens fans at UT than Titans fans... serious.
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    I believe it.

    UT fans are great at being UT fans.

    They are terrible at supporting anything else.
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    When I went to UT I met an entire new group of friends, most from East TN.

    I was the only one that was a Titans fan and most of these kids had been in Tennessee all their lives.

    "They are not my team, they are in Nashville, that ain't Tennessee, call them the Nashville Titans, UT has a better atmosphere, I like the Dolphins/Steelers/Ravens/Cowboys/Packers since I was a kid."

    EAD East Tennessee
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    I'm a UT fan but my biggest pet peeve is the whole UT fan mindset of "we love Peyton because he went to Tennessee. We love the Colts because we love Peyton. But we don't love the Titans even though they're in Tennessee, which is the reason we love Peyton in the first place."
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    they all switched from pony too donkey now, at least its a shade of orange
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    The Titans could really try and capitalize on being "The South's Team". I know that sounds really stupid but let's be honest about the SEC, it's a pride thing. That's why there is conference pride and pride in out of conference wins, it's the whole the south vs the rest of the country mentality. If the Titans marketing/advertising/promotions department can try and key in on this when we actually start to win some games then maybe LP could become a more SEC atmosphere and we can grow our fanbase to more than just small spots in a few states.

    However, this is also the problem. The love fest for college football down here is so strong for a majority of people it's the only sport they invest money or even their time into. That's why even the Atlanta market has a hard time drawing fans and hell Atlanta is bigger than Nashville.

    Really hoping I can land an internship or job with the Titans after graduation, would love to have a shot at trying to get us more out there.