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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by DegenerateBUM, Apr 21, 2020.

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  1. DegenerateBUM

    DegenerateBUM Starter

    EFCB4C48-1208-4F94-95B5-730AFFEF6CEE.png I am resurrecting the REAL TIME DRAFT. The original thread is currently locked for some reason.

    We drafted in 2016 & 2017 and then had a two year hiatus.


    Individuals will draft out of the Titans slots in Real Time when we are on the clock. You will post your selections in this thread When the Titans are on the clock. You can draft as many/few rounds as you would like, but the more data the better.


    You can not propose or initiate trades. However you have a decision to make if the Titans trade any of their picks on draft day. You can accept or decline. If you decline you will draft out of Tennessee’s original slot(s). If you accept you will draft out of Tennessee’s new slot(s).

    Player Availability:

    If your selection differs from Jon Robinson’s, the player Jon Robinson selects must be designated a team. Here is a scenario explaining that designation;

    If on draft day the Titans were to select Marlon Davidson #29th overall and you selected Laviska Shenault instead then whatever team drafts Laviska Shenault in reality, will be assumed to have drafted Marlon Davidson in the Real Time Draft.

    Time Sensitivity:

    On draft day you will be drafting in REAL TIME. It would be easy to “sleep” on players if you get to see who is drafted after the Titan’s selections before making your pick. You are drafting when J-Rob is drafting. If you want to create a draft que instead of posting here during the draft feel free to post it here or PM me.

    Future Picks & Seasons

    This draft is being done to assess your ability to scout and draft players for this season. As if you were in Jon Robinson’s shoes. Last Real Time Draft in year 2 people made incorrect assumptions because I didn’t clarify some things. Your selections will not rollover from year to year. Any acquired draft picks don’t roll over from year to year. You are assuming you have the up to date and actual roster of the Tennessee Titans every season.

    EG; If you draft Jalen Hurts and the Titans draft Marlon Davidson, next year when we draft again you will have Marlon Davidson on your roster, not Jalen Hurts.

    Likewise, if on draft night, this year, Jon Robinson trades up to #11 overall and sacrifices a pick next year and you DECLINE that trade. Then it will be noted that you would have retained an extra pick that Jon Robinson and anyone else that ACCEPTED the trade will not have retained. But next season you will NOT be awarded the pick. Everything will reset and you will be in Jon Robinson’s shoes again, with the Titans roster and the Titan’s picks.
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  2. DegenerateBUM

    DegenerateBUM Starter

    It’s Draft Day!!! Post your picks in here so they can be archived as soon as the Titans are on the clock.
  3. Doc

    Doc Starter

    I think we pick at 29 and don’t trade

    with that pick, the Titans select

    Noah Igbinoghene Cornerback, Auburn
  4. titanthakur

    titanthakur Pro Bowler

    Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin
  5. Fairweather Fan

    Fairweather Fan Pro Bowler

    Kristian Fulton
  6. Young54

    Young54 Starter

    I'm actually kind of pleasantly surprised with our options. Top choice would be to trade down but I think that is hard now with Packers trading up to take Love.

    I'm torn with all the choices but I'll still with AJ Epenesa. I think he's more of a second round talent but we are at the end of 1 and a true 3-4 DE is hard to find. I mentioned earlier that I think that is our biggest need. I'll take it. Some good CBs still left for round 2. I'll edit this if we end up trading.

    I'll edit for my future round picks.
    Day 2:

    Wow... somewhat close to getting Epenesa in the second. That is what I thought he was worth but would of taken him in the first because of specific need. Anyway now with hindsight I wish we taken Jaylen Johnson or Diggs in the 1st. Now Josh Jones since he is available. Crazy. So for our second pick I'd say between Zack Baun and Kristian Fulton. If we have Clowney locked down, then Fulton. If we don't, go with Baun. Since we don't know and I think it is more pressing, I'll go with:

    Round 2: Zack Baun- hopefully he can bulk up a bit and play with his hand in the dirt.
    Edit: I forgot we had to pretend we still had our round 1 pick. In that case, clearly going Kristian Fulton. check.

    Round 3: Screw it... Jacob Eason. Because, why not? I'd like to trade down here hopefully for a 4th or a future 3rd. I'd rather go DT, EDGE, or RB here, but not really sure who's worth it at this point. So back up QB it is, with some upside.
    Day 3:
    On the clock in round 5. I was hoping Tyler Johnson would fall a few more spots, but I wasn't expecting him here anyway. "My guy" that I've been thinking is here as expected. Pulling the trigger:

    Round 5: James Proche. Highly productive from a small school. Not fast but crazy good hands and ball skills

    Round 7: Javaris Davis- cousin of Vernon and Vante. Fast. But really, he's just the highest rated player according to lol.

    Round 7: Since Javaris is still on the board, does that mean I can take Cole here? Don't know much about him but I did draft him in a couple mocks.
    Update: I'll accept the trade. Don't even know what for.
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  7. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

  8. steverife

    steverife Pro Bowler

    YGM, or Fulton if we have something in the works with Clowney.
  9. DegenerateBUM

    DegenerateBUM Starter

    If we trade down I’ll probably accept. Tough decision but I’ll opt to take Tee Higgins otherwise.
  10. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Pro Bowler

    Jaylon Johnson CB Utah
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