Ra'Shede Hageman and other 3-4 end prospects..

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Pass, I'm just not impressed at all with Van Noy. Frankly I don't see what all the hype is about. I mean I suppose he's good in coverage but he looks pretty soft from the film I've watched.
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    Sheldon Richardson is an uncommonly active player and honestly, i would not have drafted an under tackle type that high for a 3-4 scheme. At 6'3 294 i could not help but think of Tyson Jackson and Glen Dorsey 2 high pick busts for KC as 3-4 ends.

    Obviously he is looking like a very good pick but the Jets use more 4 man fronts than most 3-4 teams.

    Hageman is 3 inches taller and 24 lbs heavier which takes some of the risk out of it but some guys are just really good players and Richardson is an example. At pick 11 i'm looking for a guy with extraordinary size-speed combination.
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    If Louis Nix has a better than expected workout than he becomes a viable prospect at 11 but what i want is another pass rusher between the tackles who can go along with Casey. Not just a guy who takes up space. We can resign Mookie Johnson to do that.

    I would rather have Mookie than Cody.
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    mack, hageman, mosley....any of those 3 and ill be happy with our first round pick, in that order

    the more i think about it i wouldnt mind trading down 2 or 3 spots and getting haha in the first, he reminds me of a mix of vacarro and reid
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    Something about being able to get first pickins at a position that is appealing. Trading back a few picks to get an additional 3rd rd pick and then taking a guy like Clinton-dix makes a lot of sense. Also some good OTs(Kauandjio-Martin-Tiny) and WRs would still be there as well. Marquise Lee would be very hard to pass up around the 17th or 18th pick.
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    if we could trade back to the 13th or so right ahead of the rams and pick up a 3rd and still take haha i would be all for it and wouldnt even be mad, that gives us the option to resign pollard and get rid of griffen. i think haha has a little of vacarro in him as far as playing in the box and eric reid in him as far as coverage, i am all for him as i was for vacarro last year...
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    8 passes defended?!?! Wow that's impressive for a D lineman
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    Why would we cut Griffin to save what ~2 million? I wouldn't be against taking Dix but he unless he completely outplays Griff in TC and the Preseason Griff should stay cause we don't save much at all cutting him. Next year is a different story. Also Vacarro is a better ball hawk with Reid being the better hitter.
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    With the switch to the 3-4 it would be interesting having Ropati on one side at 6-7 and Hageman on the other side. Both could play for the run then get their hands up when it is a pass. Would proabably lead the league in PD by DL.
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    I remember some laughed at me when I said Pito would bat down a good amount of balls.