Proof of Improvement

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titan/Oiler34, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Was just taking a look at some things that we showed improvement in... one actually surprised me.
    2015 vs 2016
    Points scored 299/381. Improvement by over 5 points a game.
    we gained 47 yds a game more this year than last.
    Points allowed (as bad as our defense was, this surprised me) 423/378. An improvement of 2.8 points a game.
    We gave up more yards per game this season by 15.

    So all in all we gained almost 8 points a game. If we can get that defense shored up I expect next season to be much better. Full disclosure, I only expected 6 maybe 7 wins this year. Pleasantly surprised that we were in it until week 16. Here's to winning the division and a home playoff game next year.
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    I like the way the team it's heading, especially with the picks we have and the guy calling the shots. This year exceeded my expectations, next year I fully expect the Titans to win the division.
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