Players you wanted in the 1st round..

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titanup1982, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Childress79

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    2006 - Leinart
    2007 - Reggie Nelson
    2008 - Jonathan Stewart
    2009 - Robert Ayers
    2010 - Derrick Morgan :hmm:
    2011 - Fairley
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  3. steverife

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    2006 - VY. The guy was fantastic in college and it was a nice start here. I was more excited about Titans in late '06 than ever before as I took the early success for granted. It is a shame that it ended up the way that it did.

    2007 - Aaron Ross. Didn't really know Michael Griffin. Then I wanted Steve Smith in the 2nd round and the Giants took him the next pick, then I wanted Jay Alford in the 3rd round and the Giants took him next pick again. So frustrating, though Griff certainly has had his moments.

    2008 - Desean Jackson. I had never considered CJ, but I had watched him gash Boise State and I was pumped about the pick.

    2009 - I was hoping that Vontae Davis, Harvin or Maclin would slip. I liked Nicks, too. By the time the Titans were on the clock, I was on board with Britt.

    2010 - Derrick Morgan.

    2011 - Didn't want Locker, wasn't really in love with any of the realistic options when the team was on the clock. I guess I wanted Fairley at that point.
  4. corymiller

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    I wanted Jay Cutler in 2006
  5. Sonic28

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    2008 is when I started following religiously, I watched all the games before that just never followed very closely.

    2009 - Kenny Britt
    2010 - Derrick Morgan
    2011 - Jake Locker
    2012 - David DeCastro

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    Players I wanted since 2008 were

    2008 - RB Darren McFadden or WR Desean Jackson (but now glad neither ended up with us)
    2009 - WR Hakeem Nicks
    2010 - DE Derrick Morgan
    2011 - QB Lake Locker
  7. Big Time Titan

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    2006: I was hoping that Reggie Bush would have fallen to us but was just as excited with the VY pick. Both had superstar written all over them.

    2007: I wanted Dwayne Bowe, he would have been a great weapon for VY.

    2008: I wanted Antoine Cason but sure am glad we "reached" for CJ.

    2009: I wanted Rey Maualuga or James Laurinaitis because I felt we needed a replacement for Keith. But Kenny has been worth the pick so far, hopefully he can stay healthy.

    2010: I was torn between Morgan and Sean Weatherspoon but was happy when Morgan got the call.

    2011: JJ Watt was the guy I wanted at the time. I thought Jake was a huge reach at #8. Looking back though, he could end up being one of the better QBs in the league sooner than later.

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    JJ Watt was my other choice. He was the closest thing to a sure thing.
  9. nickmsmith

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    I was not enthused with the Britt pick. Didn't know him. I can say, while he is in, he is good.. possibly even worth the pick, but the fact he is always injured makes me say: unless he tears it up this year, he has not been worth the pick. You expect more than a brush with greatness out of your 1st round receiver. Plus his off-the-field antics make me not really like the guy, personally. Though I will absolutely root for him as a receiver.

    And with Morgan, he never was an ultra-exciting player. Not the quick pass rusher, more of a run-stopping end. Not too much to get excited about, and I have remained unexcited.

    Our two most consistent 1st round picks still on the roster (CJ and Griffin) are woefully inconsistent. I just plain do not like Griffin anymore after that showing at home against the Texans last year. Griffin plays like a wimp, and I wouldn't spend one second lamenting if we let him walk.

    A part of me died that day.
  10. Young54

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    2005- DeMarcus Ware
    2006- Mario Williams
    2007- Darrelle Revis
    2008- Chris Johnson
    2009- Clay Matthews
    2010- Ndamukong Suh
    2011- Von Miller