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    We live in Memphis and there are quite a few places i'd like to travel to see us play.My first couple choices would be going to either Atlanta or Dallas.The St. Louis game this season would've been perfect to travel to.Going somewhere like New Orleans or Charlotte would be cool.I think going to Kansas City would be a cool place i've always heard how hard it was to play at Arrowhead.

    As far as drunken or unruly fans i guess i would hope that wherever we go people would be courteous enough especially with a woman and two kids although maybe with me being the man of the family i'd be the one getting taunted most.The stadium security does need to keep an extra eye on visitors especially those wearing the opposition logo because unruly fans do seem to pick on those the most.
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    I wish I could give u experiences from going to those stadiums but I have never been to any of them but I have herd good things about them. Then again buccaneers fans are pretty good and I almost ended up in a fight when we lost to them in 2007..... me and my buddy got picked on the entire game, especially when VY went down with an injury. I didn't say anything back but it got to me, couldn't enjoy the game. I would think and hope that unruly fans would never bother a family, especially kids because that simply is wrong to do.

    I find it very sad these days that it is really hard to go to other stadiums and root for your team because of alcohol and a few stupid fans that don't understand anything about competition. I really do hope you get to go to an away game and get to see different stadiums.

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    When I travel to the away games I always get razzed a bit by the home teams fans.

    But its all good. Where I sit the fans are respectful. Its walking from the parking lot to the stadium that sometimes is an experience.
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    Scarecrow and myself are planning on going to the St. Louis game this year. Gonna deck ourselves out in Titans jerseys and some of those cool Fisher Staches....
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    Perchance will you be supporting a "TRASH the 'STACHE" campaign?
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    Lonewolf, do you actually live in Pittsburgh? I'm down in South Jersey looking for some fellow Titans peeps to chill with.

    Anyone going to the Chargers game? I'll be heading to Nashville that weekend if anyone wants to go out Friday/Saturday night.