Per Whiz, no RB or CB in the the first..

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by CRUDS, Apr 9, 2014.

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    That's fairly obvious, be pissed to see our corner walk only to draft one. We aren't the Jets.
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    GOFIGURETITANS Don't Do Stupid Sh't !

    Yup. Qb is most likely
    jake us gonna get a shot but he is not whis' guy.

    GOFIGURETITANS Don't Do Stupid Sh't !

    Yup. Qb is most likely.

    Jake will get a shot, but he is not whis' guy
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    I think the FO has done a great job of truly getting us ready to draft BPA.

    When you look at the draft their are several key positions that you draft to build your team around...QB, LT, and pass rushers are the players you look to draft if you don't have them.

    QB--- we don't know for sure if Locker is our guy so we certainly could draft one.

    LT--- Roos is entering the last year of his contract. If a LT is available and BPA then you draft him and know you have great depth if a OT gets hurt.

    Pass Rushers---you can never have too many of them as the Hawks showed in the SB.

    We do not have a desperate need at any of the 3 key positions, but we aren't set for the long term at any of them either.

    This is going to be a very hard draft to predict.
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    Well, if everyone is gone (Mack, Barr, and the QBs) and Gilbert is there, I'd take him.

    He's a freakish athlete and has been compared to Patrick Peterson for a reason. He's damn good. He'll be better than Verner - maybe not immediately - and come at a cheaper price.

    I would be furious if we took a RB in the 1st unless it was at picks 30-32... and even then, I wouldn't be thrilled unless we loaded up with tons of picks.
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    How many people here have predicted cb in the firsr
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    I would be more than happy to get Gilbert at #11.

    You can mark it down that we won't take a RB in the 1st rnd. So you don't have to worry about that.

    The guys that I think are impact players are Clowney, Mack, Barr, Donald, and Ford for guys who get after the QB. Lots of people don't like Barr because they think he is too weak and too inexperienced, but I like the way he plays. He is relentless in getting to the QB and when he gets to him he likes to finish them. To the point that he took a few roughing the QB penalties last year. But he is violent when he gets to the point of contact and I like that. He can really bend and get low as well. Certainly can work on his spin move and other moves, but I like his film. You aren't drafting him at #11 to be stout against the run. You are drafting him to get after the QB which he does. Same thing can be said for Ford as well. I loved how he just dominated at the Senior Bowl. Donald is another guy that doesn't really fit the traditional 3-4 system that well, but he dominated during the season, had a great Senior Bowl, and put on a clinic at the Combine. I would not have a problem drafting Donald at #11 short arms and all. The idea of having him and Casey together inside when we go to a 4-3 look would certainly allow us to get pressure up the middle.

    This draft is going to be really fun to watch.
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    Sounds like Whiz is partial to a QB and I think its Manzy
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    Well ****, Whis spilled the beans. I thought FOR SURE we were going RB at 11.

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