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Pat Summit steps down.

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by nickmsmith, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I used to want to live a very long life, and would still like to, if I could do it with my mind and body intact.

    I worked at a very nice retirement home as "security." basically I was a guy there to help them out if they fell, etc. It was a great place, and the people there were nice, it was very expensive, one of the more upscale ones in the area.

    But I saw too many people who still had their mind, but are trapped in a body that no longer really functions, or people who still had working bodies, but brains had given out. The first one is absolute torture, being in your own body as a prison, and so is the latter, when pretty much every second of life is confusion.

    I had old ladies who, in a breakfast conversation, openly and willingly told me they're ready to die. And not even in a depressing way.

    Changes your perspective on things. As a kid, you want to live forever. things change.

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    Quality over quantity is what I always say. I'd rather have 70 good years, than 100 with 30 of them being miserable. To me quality of life ranks at the top and if I'm sick and hurting, I know my loved ones are too. Pull the plug and save us all the suffering.

    But thats just me.
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    Pat Summit is and was an amazing woman. She's done so much for so many people. UT women's basketball will never be the same, but I'm glad she'll still be around the program for a while.