Pacman Speaks - blames Nashville

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CRUDS, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. KamikaZ

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    It's not about him changing or not. It's acknowledging that good actually came from him, and we should at the very least respect that.
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    I'm sorry... and I am not attacking anyone here... but, of all the posts that I have read from Chris_Henry29, I have come to learn that either he/she is a very young fan or a very passionate one. Not only from a grammatical standpoint, but from the sometimes sheer absurd comments. Dude, I noticed a week or so ago, that you had only 3 posts and now it's up above 133. I know that a fan is a fan, but please put a little more thought and effort into your posts. There is also an old forum rule to never double post. If you feel the need to double post, just edit your last post. This all changes if you are simply "bumping" a thread. Which I find acceptable in certain situations. Forums are places that many people try to have serious and thoughtful discussions. Again, Chris, I'm not busting your chops or anything... I actually agree with most of the points and topics that you bring up. I am just saying to better present yourself. I know that you are a new fan (I am guessing by your name) and I welcome you. Hopefully, you will not take this advice and observation the wrong way. I am glad to see someone standing up for his/her opinions!

    Now, on to Pac. I am actually very glad that he is doing the whole wrestling thing. I think that it will ultimately keep him out of trouble and give him a better chance to become "known" to the public. On the field, you see a helmet and dreads (must mean he is a thug, right :rolleyes: ). Now, people will get to see that he is just a normal person who is trying to change and get back on the field. Good for Pac. It just annoys me when someone is asked a question, then answers the question, but before they stop talking end up trying to "tell their side" of every incident that they had ever been involved in. That's just one of my pet peeves, I suppose. If he feels that he needs to defend himself in every interview, people will just look at him as they have always done. "He sounds guilty trippin' all over his words like that, so he must be." The court of public opinion is especially harsh for celebrities. Again, I support Pac. I do not always defend him or his actions, but at least he is trying. :yes:
  3. Yep some people only look at what he did and not all the good things he did. Im proud of pac-man and what he is doing to help out kids and a police officer who can't ever walk again. People just don't care, like I said people only see pac-man what his past and don't wanna forgive him which is BS. Give the guy a break. If falcon fans still supported Vick last season after he gave his fans the finger and still do im pretty sure people can forgive pac-man. Pac-Man made mistakes we all do, but here is what I don't like about some Titan fans. They want to bash pac-man, but as soon as he would step on the field and make plays people would be quick to forget. Why can't Titan fans forgive NOW.
  4. Nah, I ain't a "new fan". I've been a fan ever since I came to America of the Titans. Only team I watched and The only team I root for.

    Thank you very much!!

    I'm sorry, like it or not I'm stand up for my players. If yall don't like it, the bandwagon train is mighty full. Yall can always jump off it.
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    you're pretty cocky chris_henry, how old are you anyway kiddo
  6. I adopted Chris Henry.
  7. CRUDS

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    Regardless of whether people are cynical of Pac's charitable actions of late it still doesn't justify his past indescretions and a guy in his financial position should have been helping out all along not just in a rep-repair-mode scenario. Instead he chooses to make it rain.
    The ESPN interview doesn't show personal accountability it shows Pac blaming others and defending his choices. "Do they expect me to sit at home watching TV?"
    And enough about Vick already. If that guy is found guilty he's going to prison and no self-respecting mature Falcons fan will be buying his jerseys.
  8. CRUDS

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    I'm guessing between 12 and 18
  9. HELLO,, you play to win the game. YOU play to win the game..
  10. CRUDS

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    Are you trying to be cryptic or are we supposed to understand this?
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