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Over or Under...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by cozmicfool, Jul 16, 2014.


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    If Jake gets franchise in 2015 that means Mett never sniffed the field.
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  2. SawdustMan

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    I know. But still, the coaches would have at least had a full season to watch/evaluate him on the practice field. They should have some idea of what they have with him regardless. At least enough to know whether or not they are comfortable rolling with Jake/Zach/Charlie for another season.
  3. cozmicfool

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    I actually agree with you, but my thing is less about him being good or bad and more about being reliable. In most peoples eyes Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the game. Having him on your team but on the field because he got does nothing for the team.

    If Jake somehow matures into a really good QB, but gets hurt again. The team wouldn't be able to rely on him. Unfortunately, in his case I actually think it is less about his play and more about him proving he can stay healthy. I just don't think one healthy season would cut it.

    Last year was just so telling, we were approaching a playoff run before he went down. After he went down we fell out of playoff contention. After he came back we missed the playoffs by 1 or 2 games (from memory not sure). You can't rely on him as a QB if that is to be the norm. That's my opinion anyways. But like I said as a player I love Jake. I just wish his bones weren't so brittle... :-/

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    You mean his ligaments. He hasn't broken any bones to my knowledge.

    Separated shoulder - ligament
    Dislocated hip - ligaments
    Lisfranc - ligament

    He needs to build up those ligaments better, OR stay clean and avoid all hits
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    Yeah thanks for the correction. He hasn't broken any bones...either way dude needs to figure out a way to stay healthy... :-/
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    I'm convinced if Jake plays every game we're in the playoffs. We were 3-1 last year before he was hurt. But if he gets hurt we may be in position to get a top 5 pick. If that's the case, we may be sitting pretty to draft Bryce Petty.

    I think we will either have a great season, or an awful season. I don't see us being mediocre again.
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    If Locker stays in Tennessee it would most likely be for a deal similar to what Kaepernick git from the 49ers but shorter and for less money. I could also see Locker signing some kind of two year deal for 8-9 million a year if he has a good year this season.

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    With Jake we win the following:
    Dallas, Indianapolis (no Robert Mathis), Cleveland, Jacksonville, @Washington, Houston, @Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Houston, New York, New York, @Jacksonville

    Now since we are the Titans we'll blow one of those wins just cause thats how we've always done, so at best we're an 11 win team. We could potentially even do better if we roll over the Colts (how we should)
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    Ya if i was gm n jake got us to playoffs id sign him to two years and if he does the same next year that's when i give him his nice 5 year contract