Our #1 priority should be bolstering the O-line.

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    It would help if we werent consistently beaten in time of possession. Our offense hasn't been good at sustaining drives all season long. I would worry about ways to keep them on the field before I think about ways the defense can get off the field faster
    Giving the offense more opportunities doesn't change anything if we can't do something with it.
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    What if we drafted Warmack with our firt round pick and then took Barrett Jones in the 2nd round? How would that not make a huge difference in our OL and what I like about taking those guys is those are guys who will be around producing for us for the next decade. Jones can play 4 OL spots but could step in at C as our long term answer there. Move Velasco to the other OG spot Warmack doesn't play and we have three young quality guys for a long time. The best teams have guys who are quality players on the interior and usually have guys who have been around a long time. It cements the OL interior. Also, there is a good chance in a few years we will also be looking at maybe replacing one or both OTs. We certainly don't want OT and the interior being priorities as we dink around playing all UDFAs. Solve the poblem and let Locker have a an OL that can block for him and the running game. We have the rest of the draft to plug in some defensive players as well as FA.
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    The more and more I think about it, the more I want Warmack at #10, and possibly even another top G/C (like Jones) in the 2nd.
    If you really look at our biggest losses, it wasn't so much the D's fault as it was the offense not staying on the field IMO.
    - Bears game we turned the ball over 6 times (1 for a TD), and also allowed one huge return ... We basically spotted them 49 pts. And even with all those short drives, they killed us in TOP, 37:01 to 22:59. Most of ours coming in garbage time.
    - GB game we had a total of 140 passing yards and 79 rushing yards (Locker our leading rusher), TOP 25:35 to 34:24 ... we can't expect to not get killed by a powerhouse offensive team like GB if we keep giving them the ball.
    I'm not saying that our D isn't to blame at all, but I really think that they aren't as bad as they looked. If we can hold onto the ball longer, then I think that will go a long way to helping the D out.
    I think our lack of success on 1st downs was the biggest reason that we couldn't sustain drives. Far too often our OL was getting blown up and CJ was taken down in the backfield for a 2 or 3 yard loss on 1st down. Then you have essentially a rookie QB trying to throw on 2nd or 3rd and long on nearly every drive (not easy for a young QB to do). And as if that isn't hard enough for a young QB to do, we have a OL that can't pass block well either, and Locker is trying to make long conversions under heavy pressure. The result is lots of punts.
    Also since our OL sucked and couldn't block for their lives, they are forced to resort to holding to try and stop the DL from penetrating, which again puts us in long situations when they get penalties called on them.
    If we could just have mild success on 1st downs (3-4 yards) then we are looking at 2nd and 6-7 yards which gives us much more of the playbook to work with, and have a lot more manageable 3rd down situations.
    Again I want to stress that there are other problems as well ... Locker could be more accurate, CJ could've run better, the D could've got off the field faster, play calling could've been better, etc ... but no one can say that at least part of ALL of those problems can't be traced back to the OL. Therefore fixing the OL will have a hand in at least partially fixing every aspect of the team.
    That's why I would just go ahead and take Warmack at 10. Easily the best G in the draft. A safe pick that will produce right away, and a huge upgrade at a position that will help the entire team.
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    So if we have mild success on 1st down (running the ball) the playbook opens up because 2nd and 6 is a situation where you can throw a short pass, long pass, run the ball ... really anything you want, and the D must respect each as a possiblity. On 2nd and 12 for instance, not only are the play calls limited, but the D has a much higher chance to predict what the O is going to do.

    Also have success running the ball (on 1st down esp) really opens up the playaction. Last year no one respected the run, and in turn the PA wasn't as effective.

    So a better OL makes a better OC (not a good OC necessarily, but a better one) as well as a better RB and QB.
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    BUILDING the O-line for the long term will greatly improve my enthusiasm as a fan. I'd feel like we have something to look forward to for the future. Drafting Warmack and Jones or some similar would allow us to stay in games for YEARS to come. Unfortunately, Munchak is in a position to win next year. I'm afraid we will re-build the OL through FA. We'll definitely over-pay for a quicker fix. The available choices will have been jettisoned from their prior teams for a reason.

    Honestly- the OL situation has had me furious since we passed on DeCastro and Konz last year. It was obvious we needed to build the interior OL for future last year and Webster/MR were covering their butts by picking WR to help make Locker appear more productive.

    I'd be OK as a fan if we went 7-9 or 8-8 next year IF we drafted a solid LONG TERM solution for the interior OL. If we were able to run successfully and have the ability to stay in games.
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    You'd be right to think improve the offensive line - improve the defense. It'll work.
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    You are right, Munch does need a 'quick fix' for the team if he wants any chance to remain HC. And I agree that he dropped the ball big time last year passing on DeCastro (although I Wright has turned out to be a solid pick). But I think Munch really did just think he could get by with what he had on the OL.

    This year, our biggest problem was the OL, and I think if you are looking for a 'quick fix' then drafting OL early is the way to go. If we take Warmack or someone early, they will be instant starters and an upgrade. CB, WR, DE, etc usually need more time to develop and won't make a great impact for a few years. I think a top G could come in and make an immediate impact, something that Munch really needs.

    If we focus this draft on the OL early, and then try to fill some other needs through FA, I think that will have the most dramatic impact on our team from this year to next.

    Now whether or not Munch/Webster agree, or whether Munch still thinks he can work with what we have on OL is a different story I guess.

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    I definitely agree with OL in the 1st, except if someone like Star falls to us. But you can't go wrong beefing up the OL for Locker since this is the year he needs to prove he's the right man for the job.. and worst case if that doesn't work out you just ensured better protection for the incoming QB which is never a bad thing.

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    Ideally a difference maker DT is there for us at 10, and we later take a guard to pair with a free agent we snatch up. Thats my hope anyways.