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NFL vs NCAA Football

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RavensShallBurn, Apr 10, 2013.


Which do you prefer?

NFL 33 vote(s) 75.0%
NCAA 3 vote(s) 6.8%
I enjoy both equally 8 vote(s) 18.2%
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  1. Vigsted Starter

    College without a doubt, the diversity is much greater. Whether you want power running, air raid or triple option college football has it all.

    College Football is too watered down right now IMO. Seems like aside from a few teams (Alabama, LSU, ND last season) the entire NCAA lacks anything remotely close to a defense. No one can stop anyone, everyone is spreading it out and passing 50 times a game. NFL is the most competitive league in any sport, great balance of stars thanks to the salary cap. It's a league where defense actually exists which also helps.

    It's funny because NBA and College Hoops are the exact opposite. NBA is watered down with no defense and only a few good teams. College Basketball is the best basketball product available IMO because its so competitive due to the balance and great spread of star talent.
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    NewHorizans Titans Ruckus (oYo)

    I am a HUGE NFL Fan. Always have been. Was raised since age 7 to watch the NFL. Didnt watch a single college game until I went to UT Knoxville. After going to UT, I do follow the SEC and enjoy a random game when I am not watching UT suck. But like most people on here, I hate the way College is setup. The Bowl system is terrible. Maybe in a few years when the playoff format gets going, I will have a change of heart, but not right now. I also hate following a team that changes its players constantly. You become a fan of these great players then after 1 to 3 years, they leave and go to the NFL and usually to teams you don't like. Watching Jerod Mayo become a Patroit killed me. Plus too many teams in college don't care or simply don't know how to play defense. In the majority of college games (not in the SEC), you have scores all in the 30s to 60s.
  3. nickmsmith has the most poverty RB corp.

    I see both sides.

    NCAA fans in general are more passionate about their teams. Plus just the pure number of fans in the big programs. You don't hear dip#$%# players mouthing off to the media very often. I don't like watching college football, but I understand that people live and breathe for it.

    They are more open and creative with their schemes. Until the past decade or so, there was very little creativity in NFL playbooks.

    NFL is the top in skill, though. Only 32 teams to follow instead of over 100. You are familiar with most NFL players, and you'd be lucky to know a player or two on most other NCAA teams.

    Either way, high school football sucks unless you live in Florida, Ohio, or Texas, I'm assuming. Mostly a bunch of pretty talentless kids playing. After I got out of HS, I tried to go back to games and watch, but couldn't sit still. And I played for one of the schools with the biggest fanbases in the state. It just isn't fun to watch most of the time.
  4. Riverman That may be....

    I like them both equally but in different ways.

    I love the youth/energy/high ideals of a collegiate atmosphere. I like the band/cheerleaders/ gameday experience. It is a family thing. I like the team first spirit and attitude. I don't like the BCS and bowl system to crown the champion.

    I love the high caliber of play, the swagger and nasty attitude of NFL. I love that you can lose 4-6 games and still have an opportunity to be the champion. I like the draft, the contracts,and the trades. I like tailgating like an adult and not being ostracized for it like would happen at most college events. I like the slightly slutty feel that NFL cheerleaders have with their boots, high cut shorts and jacked up titties. Lots of testosterone in the air at the NFL level.

    In short, college for families/kids/ideals and NFL for manly fun.
  5. Maker_84 Starter

    yep, every NFL team runs basically the same offense while you're getting something different with every college team. I love the Titans but other than them you wouldn't find me watching the NFL too often

    College ball has its own allure, but the reason you see so many gimmick teams is because coaches have to hide players deficiencies. The NFL is cut and dry, sometimes dusty formations work, but only for so long. I personally like the NFL because you're watching the best of the best compete against one another.
  7. SawdustMan Pro Bowler

    I'm not really into college ball at all. I can count on one hand the number of times I've watched a full college game in the past couple seasons. I think it's mainly because I don't feel any real allegiance to any team. I went to MTSU and they were absolutely god awful when I was there. So I never really followed them much. I suppose I could adopt UT or Vandy but I just don't feel any connection. Although I guess I have a little more connection to Vandy just because they're in Nashville. But again, I don't really feel compelled to go out of my way to watch them.

    I really don't need another sports addiction anyway.

    You watch enough bad football as a Titans fan, don't be a Vandy fan too, no one deserves that kind of pain. Besides last year when was the last time Vandy even had a winning season.....?
  9. The Hammer Out for a rip

    Matthews 2
    No one down with the CFL eh :biglaugh:


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