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    Taking a home game away from fans isn't the answer.

    Rodger Goodell says he listens to fans. I think he hears fans and then fills in his own answers. "The fans say they want fewer preseason games." Very true. "So we're going to add more regular season games." Wait, what? No one wants more regular season games.

    Takes home games away from fans to showcase a sport no one cares about in London. I'm sure the Brits will love the matchup of the 0-3 Steelers against the 0-3 Vikings along with the 0-3 Jags vs the 1-2 49ers.
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    Yea a dedicated NFL sponsored European league would be more than answer.

    You have your regular AFL/NFL/EFL Championship games then --> Superbowl/EuroBowl then --> Worldbowl or Megabowl or Ultra Bowl haha.

    Then maybe the Sackobowl instead of the probowl where the worst team from America plays the worst team from Europe and put some crazy spin on it to make it fun like land minds or something.
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    It's funny, they are trying to expand the game in London and around the globe, but with these stupid wuss factor rule changes they are contracting the game here, where it started. Perhaps that's the goal (tongue in cheek) to move the NFL abroad with all these wuss rules. Maybe softening it up will make the game less violent and therefore more appealing to the wuss Europeans....
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    I definitely understand where you are coming from on this, but isn't soccer in Europe more violent? I think we have seen enough brawls brake out in Europe over soccer where they actually have attacked players on the field. I think Europe could handle the violence. The NFL does need to lighten up as well with these rules.
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    I wish the Titans would play a game in London. Would give me an excuse to go to the game.
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    then we only play 7 home games in Tennessee..... I don't care what anyone says, that is unfair. Keep this game in America!
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    They could use the London game as an "away" game. Play 8 home. 7 away. 1 neutral game abroad.
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    European wusses.... Ever heard of rugby? There are a LOT of rugby players with the grit to handle American Football...

    As for the Soccer wusses your talking about, yeah its become pretty bad. Long time ago Soccer used to be a somewhat violent sport actually; pushing and shoving was the norm, fouls were harder, serious sliding tackles, players weren't flaking around and diving.... Overtime to help market the game and make it safer, they started making it more gentle and that led to now..

    I'm sure that rings a bell? Problem is the NFL had to make it safer or they'd disappear to lawsuits in less than a decade, just hope they don't go too far... Thing I don't like now though is how all NFL players are calling for penalties and flags all the time... Even commentators and analysts be talking about it...

    I actually knew someone who played both Rugby and Football for his school, and he got scholarships to some of the top programs in the States for Football (Michigan, Texas, OSU, etc...). FWIW, he was a DT and he told me Rugby was physically more demanding, but that he liked Football more... He ended up coming back to Egypt and becoming a pharmacist...

    Even though I'm Egyptian, I hold a UK passport as well. Very good knowledge of sports in general. With regards to most of Europe, I just don't think there is enough interest for a local team or hosting a SB. Most are into Soccer and can't handle the constant 'stopping' of Football. Those that like Rugby also feel the same way bout start/stop nature, not to mention the part about wearing gear and pads.

    Both Football and Rugby athletes are incredible and trust me neither are 'wusses' too. But its funny how I have to keep telling fans of each that the 'others' are not wusses... As for Soccer, sure you can call them 'wusses' but it is by far the hardest sport of all - it requires the most talent (I played them all), technique, stamina and skill, not to mention its the most competitive.
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    depends on the schedule, whoever makes the schedule do it like this but if they take away a home game for this nonsense il be angry
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    Doubt we will be picked for a London game so you can harness said anger.