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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TitansfaninKY, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Just looking at buying a new computer or laptop. Currently I have a Macbook that is about 6 years old and have someone willing to offer me $600 for it. Dont exactly use it too much so was considering selling it and then using that money towards a new computer. Used to be big into them back in high school but know pretty much nothing now. Figured it is probably better to build my own computer so I can save some money so if anyone has any input on where to shop / what I should be looking for please let me know.

    Dont really play any games on it but would want something that could run something like BF4 if I decided to purchase it. Really just want something fast and powerful. Would love to get something that I could use to record some music on as well. Thinking more of a desktop at this point because I cant stand most laptop mousepads. Unless they are now making them more like what the macbooks have then I can live with it. Any information would be helpful. Thanks
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    Newegg is all you need to build your computer.

    I used it ~6-7 years ago to build my own and still use the same computer, i've only upgraded the memory once and replaced the CPU fan and one side vent fan, other than that it's still kickin.

    Newegg's customer reviews are usually thorough and it has a big selection of parts, easy to compare and figure out what combination will be best for your budget.
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    I bought an Asus laptop back in 2010 and it still runs amazingly well. I use it every day and never had an issue with it. Cannot complain. I will get another when the time comes for sure.
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    I got an ASUS motherboard, they're good stuff. If I were to get a prebuilt computer it'd probably be ASUS.
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    Don't get a Vaio. I got one for school in early 2010 and it barely made it.

    I'm holding out until the new MacBook Pro comes out.
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    Asus motherboard in mine as well. I however said to hell with Microsoft awhile back and I run Linux now... Sooooo much cleaner. No issues. No executables kiddies.
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