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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dtm586, Apr 28, 2013.

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    For the record I am in favor of the draft and I liked what the Titans are doing. I really see a lot more depth than ever before in the recent years of Titans football. They are now filled deep with depth at a lot of positions.

    But to show the other side of the coin ...

    The Titans have had a history with awful luck in the department of WR. It's pretty bad when Kevin Dyson can be regarded as a top 2 WR in the history of your franchise. They've struck out on many WR's in the draft, countless in fact: Tyrone Calico, Brandon Jones, Cortney Roby, Roydell Williams, Lavelle Hawkins, Damien Williams list of mediocrity goes on. They have struck out on FA WR's just as bad; David Givens, Randy Moss to just a new a few. Once it looks like they finally have a stud WR, Kenny Britt, he can't stay healthy and can't get over his maturity issues.

    So they will take yet another flier on another WR to help turn their string of bad luck around, Justin Hunter. Immense potential but his biggest weakness besides his small/thin frame and alligator arms when going over the middle is his stone hands at times.

    The Titans biggest TE addition also has been labeled to have "stone hands". So now they're two biggest adds in Free Agency and the Draft both have issues with "dropsies".

    Jake Locker have all this talent now around him but will Hunter perform well enough in time to save Lockers year and to hopefully not derail his next step. Kenny Britt in a contract year will have to be a monster for a full 16 game season for Locker to thrive.

    I know these are all worst case scenarios and what ifs and its way too early. I am excited for the direction of the team and where it's headed. Just trying to point out the things that could go wrong which could spell the end of the coaching staff and Locker as we know it.
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    This draft has a lot of boom bust potential outside of Warmack. Justin Hunter could be Calico 2.0, but I hope I'm wrong. What I do like is the flier on late round defensive backs which is where we had recent success.
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    So do you stop drafting/signing wr's because of busts in the past?
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    Yeah I like the 2 mid/late rd DB selections as well. They won't have to start right away and will provide good depth. I am really pulling for Justin Hunter I just dont want to keep my hopes up this early, let down to many times by Titan WR's busting. But he obviously brings just as much excitement to the fan base as when Britt was drafted.
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    No you don't but the point he is making is, we haven't had the best of luck scouting receivers. It hasn't been one of our strong points.
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    nope ... 1 should work out eventually
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    Totally new regime though. It's true that this franchise has historically had bad luck in the WR department. But in reality that has zero impact on how Justin Hunter (or Kendall Wright for that matter) will turn out.

    Webster's picks last year tell me he has a good idea of what he's doing. So I'm more optimistic than pessimistic when it comes to his talent evaluation. It's the coaching talent of this team that causes me concern.
  8. Ten_Titans

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    Last year, my least favorite pick was Zach Brown. He might be our best player next year.

    Webster has my trust.
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    Yeah I agree with that. New regime and Webster has this team moving in a new direction. When I saw rotoworld give the Titans a C- on the draft and pointed out how if things don't pan our the coaching staff, Locker and Webster could be out - I scratched my head at the Webster comment. He wouldn't be let go already and most likely not Locker either - but the coaching staff will need to start updating their resumes.
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    Also, most of those wrs you just named were mid round or later flyers. Mostly small schools guys. Wright and Hunter are top round talents who did well at the highest levels of college football.

    Also, this fo seems to do better at selecting quality PEOPLE, which is a prerequisite to being a good Player.

    I'm not saying either will be hof caliber, but I don't even outright busts, barring health calamities.