NCAA 12 Online Dynasty (PS3)

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    We will be keeping the conferences the same. I'm a big fan of realism. I will also allow you to pick whatever team you want. However, I am going to ask that you pick from a major conference. i want atleast 2 user games a year. If you absolutely have to be a team from the Sun Belt that's fine, but you will be playing tough NC games every year against users.

    Difficulty will be in All-American the first year, then it will be moved to heisman.

    We will be using buckeye and gatorbaits roster.

    I didn't plan on moving sliders, unless you guys really want to.

    We will keep NC games the same, unless you don't have atleast 2 user games in your conference.

    To join sign up here

    And send me a friend invite

    PSN: Rocky_Top_Vols
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.