N.Y. Jets Dismantling Their Roster

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Apr 21, 2013.

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    I don't think we will have much trouble in our game this season with the Jets here in Nashville.

    Just noticed the N.Y. Jets are going to be sending Revis to Tampa and they've also gotten rid of Yeremiah Bell,LaRon Landry,Calvin Pace,Bart Scott,Aaron Maybin,Eric Smith,Sione Pouha,Brandon Moore,Mike Devito and they had basically the best pass defense in the league last year and had one of the league's best defenses the last few seasons appearing in two AFC championship games.

    On offense they've let Keller go to Miami,Greene came here to us,Braylon Edwards,Chaz Schilens,tackle Jason Smith went to New Orleans,guard Matt Slauson to Chicago

    I think the main mistake they made the last few years is Mark Sanchez.The mediocre play at QB was a huge reason that team collapsed in the end.I also think Rex Ryan will lose his head coaching job after next season and a big reason was sticking with Sanchez.They could've possibly have made it to a super bowl or two with a better QB on the roster.I do think sometimes coaches get attached to the QB and even when things are going south they still stubbornly stick with the same player instead of changing.

    Reminds me of Jeff Fisher and Kerry Collins especially in our 13-3 year where we had the best record and could've went the distance but of course our weak link that year was at QB also.Soon afterwards we started losing all of our best players in free agency mainly on the defense including our best one Albert Haynesworth then the next season Kyle Vanden Bosch followed by Cortland Finnegan and the things is we never found suitable players to match their production.In the end Jeff Fisher ended up out of Tennessee and i think the same fate awaits Ryan.
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    Rex Ryan sucks.
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    They had no choice. The team didnt work. Contracts become the headline instead of championships. Rex was just trying to hold it together. Team was getting older. Time for anew era. Blow it up. Clear em out. Start again.
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    Having a guy like Sanchez at QB doesn't help but Rex Ryan let his locker room become a cancer filled mess with his bravado and bragging. Ryan is an amazing coordinator but he is not a guy that can give your locker room a winning attitude as a head coach.
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  5. Finnebosch

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    Also, Finny left during the Munchek regime and the Jets trading Revis is a great move. They now have 4 picks in the top 100 to rebuild with.
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    No I think it was that while the bravado worked for awhile, the significant losses started to kill the teams spirit behind it. Then it became a losing team vibe and it doesn't matter who's in charge, those teams are always a disaster eventually. You think it would be the same storyline had they been winning?
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    Maybe Rex will be our next head coach after we go 7-9 and Munchy gets the boot.
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    god forbid
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    That would suck.
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    suck stinky toes
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