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    That's a solid and realistic plan you put together.

    Except the last draft pick. We're expected to offer Bironas a long term deal. That would give us 1 too many kickers.

    I also think we're in the mix for a FA lineman. Theres no guarantees in the draft, and what if we don't get the Guard or Center youre counting on...
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    I think we are in the mix as well. I also think if we go after Wallace then we run out of money for Vasquez or Levitre.

    Not gonna lie my draft went well. I guess in the 2nd I could have Warford or Fluker and in the 3rd Jones or Schwenke. I think we go D-line in the first then we try to rebuild the O-line. If we got Warford and a Center, then Levitre/Amano/Lutui/Hutch would all be in camp fighting for a spot. Obv someone will get cut.

    If we can sign some decent skill position players in FA, then O-line and Defense in the draft works well.
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