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    The stadium was loud and there were plenty of fans attending the game yesterday.I sat in the end zone and all the fans throughout the game were very supportive and made plenty of noise when the team needed it.However from the very start it seemed like things weren't going to go our way.First play of the game C.J. fumbles that set the tone for the entire afternoon.Every time we got the ball we either did nothing or turned the ball over.Every time Jax got the ball they marched down the field and threatened to score.The whole game we just sat there not quite believing what were seeing.

    Later in the game many fans were pissed and they were being loud and vocal.As the game went on i put my camera away and quit taking pictures i was getting irritated by the lack of effort and got even more frustrated when i looked up at the scoreboard and saw the Rams throttling the Colts.We let a perfect chance slip right out of our hands.This was our year to take the division.

    After Verner let the ball bounce instead of catching it on the punt the Jags downed it at the one according to the refs anyway.From where we were sitting it clearly looked like the player let his foot hit the white line at the goaline but once the refs said he did have it downed at the one the fans went ballastic and were so loud half the Titans offense turned around and looked at the crowd.One player i noticed looking back at us was Warmack who had this real worried look on his face.Right then i had a bad feeling right and a couple fans were commenting about it knowing our luck we were going to get a safety.Then it happened and the boos got very loud.

    The bad thing about yesterday was that stadium was packed and very loud full of fans supporting the team then they go and lose another easy game like so many times before.After Fitz turned the ball over when the score went from two down to nine points down right then most of the fans headed for the exits.There were lots of pissed off fans but the one thing i kept hearing most of all was about firing Munchak.

    In my opinion they should've cut Britt right after the trade deadline.i believe he is the locker room cancer that Delanie Walker was talking about.I also think its time for Munchak and his entire staff to be terminated except for Gregg Williams.As far as Jake Locker goes he is never going to be able to play in this league because he is injury prone.Fitzpatrick is not the answer and turns the ball over at crucial moments.I think they need to draft a QB early in the draft and bring in a solid veteran QB to mentor him.

    Tommy Smith needs to make major changes to this team in the offseason.In a way i definitely wish Bud was still around because he just might've fired that whole staff.It hurts to support this team at times because it just seems like we can't get over the hump.We've never been in the bottom part of the league but it just seems like we are stuck in the middle of the pack.We aren't among the best but we aren't the worst either.Mediocre is a word that comes to mind.

    Since 2009 we haven't made the playoffs and are 33-40 in that timespan.Before this season changes were made and we should've been much better than we are now.The revamped offensive line and bringing Greene in was supposed to help our running game be one of the best but the line has not been up to standards.The defense has slacked off the past few games.I don't know where to point fingers but it seems like someone has to take control.There seems to be a lack of leadership on this team right now.I expect many changes to happen during the offseason.
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    I was there as well, and you are spot on about the atmosphere, the crowd was very loud and it was a packed house. Still can't believe we came out and blew this game.
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    Yeah it was pretty unbelievable. Even the nosebleeds were getting hyped.. and for what? This crap?

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    Jags simply wanted it more than we did.

    We clearly underestimated what a winless team is capable of.

    I mean just think if youre the Jags. Wouldn't you make it a point to knock off the Tennessee Titans? the same Titans that beat you not once, not twice, but three times back in the 99 season.

    We are the only team Jags fans despise, and its because we kept them out of a Super Bowl.

    Yesterdays game was their Super Bowl.
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    I don't think it's a matter of talent at all. It's clearly the coaching. You don't lose to the worst team in the league when you are fighting for the playoffs. We did it two years ago against the colts and we did it again this year. I've disliked munch since we promoted him, but now I'm completely convinced we simply need a better leader for this team. Yes, we need a better right tackle and another qb, but there is still no reason we should be losing to the worst teams in the league when we are in the middle of a playoff hunt. Please fire munchak... please...
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    It was supposed to be a rare relaxing game, like the Jets game this year. I think I'm still mad that I got mad since I had no intentions of doing anything but feeling relaxed, laughing at Jags, and watching the scoring updates.

    Most mad I can remember being leaving a game in a long time.
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    I came too the same conclusion on the ride home from sundays fiasco

    MM has too go.

    fatboi Smith better lift that quarter ton arm of his and point thumbs down.
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    dude I was so relaxed sunday morning then 4 pm comes by and I almost pull a kubiak and collapse Terrible
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    I was mad after the KC game, I was nonpulsed leaving the tarpkitty game.

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    ^ Love that quote and moment of the movie.