My favorite RB prospects this year (the good ones)

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    Borrowing this from another guy on another forum:

    Gaffney no speed or burst? like guys such as LeVeon Bell (who he reminds me of) and Jeremy Hill have blazing on the field speed. (all 3 have a similar upright running style, with Hill it seems to affect his balance the most out of the 3). Good burst, vision/patience, quick feet and power

    Hill is similar, good burst, power, but isn't going to outrun good angles similar to Bell or Gaffney. Its hard to evaluate a rb in the Stanford running game, which is ball control, like 80 percent of the plays are designed to get like 5 yards, straight up the gut, its much harder to improvise and get big plays in between the tackles. Take a look at Gerhart's college highlights compared to what he has done in the pros in limited carries, he averaged like 7.9 ypc last year and has had more 20+ runs in less than 300 carries than he had in his entire Stanford career. Also keep in mind Gaffney was not playing football for an entire year, was in shape for baseball, and still ran for 1700 yards and 21 tds after a year off from football.

    He has good shiftiness, which is hard to see on most plays unless it is at a certain angle, can break it the outside fine, something I find Hill struggles with, defenders seem to close in faster when he has a play designed to the outside. He can pass block, and despite the lack of career catches, he can can catch, he is a baseball player afterall. They said Gerhart couldn't catch and he has done fine in the NFL.

    I think Gaffney is a better prospect than Gerhart, who was a 2nd round pick, but hasn't been able to start because sitting behind the best back in the league, although has filled in nicely the few games Peterson has missed, and has made the most of the few opportunities he gets which isn't easy since many backs need multiple carries to showcase themselves. Many games Peterson would have 18 yards on 9 rushes and break off a 40 yarder. Guys like Gaffney, Bell, Gerhart are a bit more consistent, less 40, 60+ yard runs but more 5 to 20 yard runs when given a featured workload, well even the some of the speed backs aren't breaking off that many big runs, Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush didn't have a 40 yard rush last season, a combined total of 11 20+ runs, that is 1 more than what Alfred Morris had alone

    Taylor was shifty, and had good power for a college back, but he is 5'9 214 pounds, with 4.7 speed the most he could be is a BenJarvus Green Ellis (btw the verdict isn't final on Taylor yet after one year, it took Thomas Jones 6 years to realize his potential). Gaffney, like Hill and Bell is a big back. His only thing lacking is that he sucks as a run blocker just throwing himself into guys in a rolling over manner, so good luck for scouts trying to wonder if he should switch to fullback like they did for Gerhart.

    With this being more of a passing league, with most teams spread out, defenses adjusting by getting smaller, quicker linebackers, I think we will see a rise of big backs with power, but not great speed (since those are rare to find those, with the last few classes not really having one). There already a few in the NFL. Blount, Alfred Morris, both 4.7 guys, Eddie Lacy who would have probably ran a 4.7 at the combine, timing a 4.64 at his pro day. Knowshon Moreno finally hitting his stride. Steven Ridley, Benjarvus Green Ellis who isn't fast or quick but can find the hole and has some power, all of these guys are above 220 I believe. Zac Stacy weighed in at 216 but reported to be 224 now. Not to mention Rashad Jennings looked good last year.
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    Anyone mention Kapri Bibbs from Colorado State? He had a crazy season, but kind of unknown because he was a juco guy.
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