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Munchak Fired

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Sonic28, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Dman

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    I would be ok with this myself but apparently munch was not and that is what scary, that he would keep his friends despite how bad they were!
  2. LosingBy3

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    When asked what happened to make the front office make this decision, Mike Munchak responded with an unenthusiastic "I don't know."

    And to emphasize, here's a my little pony doing the munchak.

  3. Psychop1

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  4. titanswinnow

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    What it really comes down to is selling tickets and merchandise. This is a business. You have to make money. It would have been a terrable decision for him to stay, the fans would have been displeased. The players want to be paied and they want to win. this is the best situation for everyone, especially us the fans.
  5. KyTitansFan

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    Jim Wyatt@jwyattsports 1m
    Plenty knew Matthews and Parlavecchio weren't qualified coaches. Letting them go shouldn't have been so agonizing #Titans

    Jim Wyatt@jwyattsports 55s
    Some of the coaches left out in the cold as a result of Munchak's decision still haven't heard from him either #Titans
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  6. SawdustMan

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    Beat me to the punch once again!!!

    I think it's interesting he says "plenty knew" that Matthews and Parlavecchio weren't qualified. Also, it's pretty pathetic IMHO that he hasn't even reached out to the coaches who he caused to lose their jobs. I'd take care of that before I go off interviewing for other jobs.
  7. KyTitansFan

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    I believe Jeff Fisher called every single assistant before he stepped down.
  8. avvie

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    It sounds to me like Inheriting Manager (Smith) needed time to sort through contracts made by Deceased Owner (Adams) in order to find a way to make changes that wouldn't invoke Coach's Lawyer or piss off the NFLPA.
  9. Gut

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    It's funny. When they didn't say yes or no to Munch after meeting on Friday, I assumed it was because Ruston was gonna insist on holding at least some of the staff accountable and those guys would HAVE to be replaced. After all, if Ruston kept Munch, he was hitching himself to the 2015 coaching staff since he was now directly responsible for them.

    This is WHY I don't like having a HC who nis the HC and GM and controls everything. More often then not, even for Hall of Fame coaches, this doesn't work as well. Having a GM who will hold the coach and coaching staff responsible for their performance is IMPORTANT!!!

    But just as it is 'dangerous' for HC's to bring in 'friends' for staff positions, it is also dangerous for a GM to bring in one of 'his' guys for HC. Of course, the more experienced guy we get, the more control over his coaching staff we need to give him.

    I wish Munch well and thank him for his 32 years of service!!! Good luck!!!

    Now where is Ken Whisenhuint's number?
  10. UrbanLegend3

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    Wow Munch is really testing the good will I had towards him. He was very selfish and caused people to unnecessarily lose their jobs. He hasn't even had the decency to give those guys a call? Damn Munch...