Munch: "I ain't changin' chit"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. TitanJeff

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    I wonder what expression he had on his face when he was pancaking defensive lineman to the Hall of Fame?
  2. amy

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    So what Coach is saying is that the players have talent, they are just choosing not to exhibit it. I hope he figures out why they are choosing not to do that before this coming Sunday.
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  3. Gunny

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    I would respect Munch a lot if he actually said 'I am not changing chit'.
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  4. TitanJeff

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    I understand dancing with the girl you brought to the prom but he's gotta find a way to get her dancing better or let her sit out a few songs.
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  5. Gunny

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    I wonder what would happen if I reported our Mod?
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  6. Laserjock

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    When Rivers tossed that second TD to the same TE after the Locker INT....Munchak was shown and just said "Wow" that point I just felt like he was standing there lost already. As head coach AND HOF lineman I would like to see him in the middle of the players at the bench trying to light some fire in those guys. Instead he just paces the sidelines looking like he is somewhere else.

    I like Munch but something is missing. This team plays like it is reflective of its coach...lack of fire and attitude. Gray's attempt at pass defense is as bad as this team has seen in years.

    Man this is just a bad team.
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  7. Jwill1919

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    Our two highest paid players are giving us the least amount of impact, it's extremely disappointing. Point the finger where you may, OLine, Coaching, etc. but when youre two highest paid players aren't leaders, this is what happens. This is also another reason I really really didnt like the Kendall Wright selection, we needed young impact players on the DLine and even some graders on the OLine. Solid teams are built up front, not from midget WRs and scat backs who can't break a finger tackle. I'm ok with running a spread offense, but in the NFL you have to have a RB who can get yards inside and break ANY tackle. Chris Johnson makes Reggie Bush look like Jerome Bettis, and that's with a rookie QB and absolutely nobody at WR.
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  8. HeadOnASwivel

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    Who cares, were not making the playoffs now anyway so why not stick with Locker so he can get some much needed experience? I think CJ could use a good benching though, I'd love to see DR get a shot to get more carries.

    It's funny how some think that if we magically put in Hass our season will be saved and we'll make the playoffs... that will NEVER happen. We stick with Locker, he won't grow as a player holding a clipboard.
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  9. SawdustMan

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  10. TitanJeff

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    Here's my feeling on Munch's expressions on the sideline...

    If it's needed, I feel the players are the ones who need to pump up each other. Leaders need to step up and identify those players who need a verbal boost out there. But, bottom line, if the player doesn't have the fire in them to perform well, then there's little anyone can do to make them play at a high level.

    If you need your coaches to get you fired up to play your best on game day, that means you don't have enough heart and, as soon as you face adversity, you'll crumble.

    Growing up, I was a big fan of Tom Landry. Landry was "Munch-lite". You would not know if the man won or lost the Super Bowl by his demeanor. He was respected and his team responded because they had pride and were professional. While players were celebrating the play that just happened, he was focused on the next.

    And I remember all of Fisher's fist-pumping and he was run out-of-town for sucking it up the last couple of seasons. Same for Haley who used to coach the Chiefs. Big time emotional guy who is now an OC. Lots of emotion. Zero results.
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