Monday Morning QB: Titans @ Jets Grades

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    SUMMARY: It was called a "trap game" by many as the 2-0 New York Jets took on the 0-2 Tennessee Titans at home in the Meadowlands. The conventional wisdom was that the Jets would be flat after last Sunday's big win against the Patriots and the Titans would be 2-0 had it not been for a couple of bad breaks. The reality is that yesterday's game proved the Titans are wildly inconsistent at this point in the season. At times, they look like a playoff team with drives like the first one of the second half. In others, they manage to find a way to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot with fundamental errors. "Good teams find a way to win. Bad teams find a way to lose," Titans S Chris Hope said. "We've got to figure out which one we are." Right now, 0-3 tells us all we need to know.

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Thread Status:
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