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MMA vs Boxing 2013

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Alex1939, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. 2ToneBlue

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    Each event's main are five 5 minute rounds with 1 minute rest breaks, not just title fights anymore. So for 25 minutes of fighting they get 4 minutes of rest.

    Boxing 12 round title fights are 3 minute rounds, broken up with 1 minute of resting. 36 minutes of fighting with 11 minutes of rest.

    Even the lower prelim fights, 15 minutes of fighting, 2 minutes of rest compared to 30 minutes of fighting and 9 minutes of rest and repairs. There's a lot more recovery time/down time in boxing during the match.

    I would say the "pace" is determined by the fighter, to me the Mayweather fight was boring, uneventful and did nothing to make me want to watch boxing more. There are MMA fights like that also, and then there's some great ones. If you don't understand the "laying around" portion of the sport, or the "push him against the fence" part, then you'll not enjoy it as much.

    I've practiced BJJ for nearly 7 years now in a local school ran Royce Gracie and Tosh Cook. To me the "laying around" part is very entertaining (sometimes they do just suck), plus I did wrestling all throughout my life. Not as many people understand it as much as a right cross to the jaw or kick to the head, and don't get me wrong, those are fun to watch also.
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  2. Gunny

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    Butterbean > any MMA fighter
  3. 2ToneBlue

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    Late to the party but I prefer to watch Boxing over MMA. Mostly because I can Box (hardest sport BTW), but would never even try MMA. Not really a fan of having my ears turn to cauliflower.
  5. 2ToneBlue

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    That's more of a wrestler thing than anything else. Most BJJ guys don't have that, but most wrestlers do. Some people, like Randy Couture, like the look and never drained them. I never did and wore the "***** headgear" so I didn't get that crap. Just about every MMA fighter with a wrestling background has them. Chuck Liddell never had them, and wrestled/fought for years, but he and Brock Lesnar (awesome college wrestler) never got them.

    Look at Damien Maia, one of the best in the world in BJJ on the ground for years:

    Getting fat, ugly ears is no excuse for not want to train in the better if the two sports, wear protection :)
  6. Ensconatus

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    I'm pretty sure I've seen Maia roll with headgear on though.
  7. Titans Eternal

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    thx for info alex, dling fight now.
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  8. Deuce Wayne

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    MMA the second you're stunned they call it.

    Sh** is silly. Fight through it.
  9. GeronimoJackson

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    You mean like this? :)

  10. Ensconatus

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    Ehhhh. Depends on the ref.

    There have been a few fights called to early. But overall most the time when they do call it, the other guy has gotten a beating for the last 10-20 seconds while not defending.

    Also if you do get even slightly KOed, it's better to stop the fight instantly then allowing them to get back up and take repeated damage to the brain. That's what makes boxing so dangerous.