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Mike Munchak Approval Poll

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SawdustMan, Oct 30, 2012.


Munch: Approve or Disapprove?

Approve 16 vote(s) 18.0%
Disapprove 73 vote(s) 82.0%
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  1. Scarecrow CEO of PPO

    Production where? In the 4th quarter when we are down by 20?

    Yea thats real solid production.:rolleyes:
  2. RollTide All-Pro

    A coach can be qualified for the job but not be good at the job. Mike Shanahan was qualified to be hired as Redskins coach he has 2 rings but he is not getting results.

    I was responding to posters who write as if hiring a guy like Munch is somehow a preposterous thing. The guy has been part of 30 training camps and seasons for this franchise he had to learn something about how to run a team.

    You don't know if a guy will succeed or not until he has the job for a while.

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