Marcus isn't an NFL QB

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by razordaman, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Neither is Tom Brady. What a fake and a fraud pulling that BS to just take off a season.
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    Look at it this way. The GM's job is to have a great team and a winning team and a playoff team and a Super Bowl winning team. If Mariota continues to play well, JRob and any GM could care less who picked him. Do we need to get rid of Casey because JRob didn't pick him? Of course not!

    If Mariota had a qb rating of 80 and more picks than TD's, this would be a conversation. Since Mariota had a very good year, this is a non-starter of a conversation.

    Mariota haters will hate him even if we win the Super was too easy, I didn't like how he threw that one ball, I don't like his hair style or his mustache or whatever. Haters gonna hate. End of topic.
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    You are digging way deep into this barrel. Not sure why. I guarantee you if he had the 2nd pick that year and JW was gone at 1.....he would have taken MM.
    Besides, I don't think he would take the direction of the team backwards just because he was not the one to pick him. He is smarter than that. There are probably 20 teams that would love to have him.
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    Leave the ego at the door. JRob's ego is about one thing. His 'rep' is about one thing. His 'stamp' on this team is about one thing.


    If he turns this team into a winner, that's all the 'rep' he needs. And if he does that long enough, he'll draft Mariota's replacement in 15-20 years!
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    You're not very smart.
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    I kinda get what you're saying... But the Titans have plenty of holes to fill at other spots.

    Teams like the Patriots can take a QB and groom him for 3-4 years and it not hurt them because they're an established team that is good year after year with whoever is on the roster it seems. But I don't think they expect to be drafting Bradys replacement with those luxury picks. Even if they found "the next Tom Brady", why would they pull Brady who is just as good as ever?

    Basically, if it's not broke, why fix it? Mariota is going up and played really well. Will Robinson draft a QB at some point? maybe...but it won't be due to wanting to draft his guy and hope he's better than Mariota so he can have his ego stroked. Sure, if Mariota regresses and it becomes obvious that he isn't going to get the job done, Robinson will have to go to plan B but at this point, I don't think it's even time to think of a plan B.
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    If JRob wanted he could get 3 first rounders at least for Marcus RIGHT NOW. Kill this thread. :hang:
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