Manziel Vs. Jake Locker

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by cdubbs2121, Mar 28, 2014.

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    Why do people love Jake Locker so much? Sure he seems like a stand up guy, a guy you can count on to help you move or some ****. But what has he done on the field that makes you feel like "holy **** I love what I'm seeing". I held my breath everytime Jake threw the ball further than 10 yards!

    And dont give me that "flahes of greatness" bull****, is that what you call completing a pass these days, greatness? Or is it throwing 17/30 148 yards against the Texans who have the number one pick this year?
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  2. The Hammer

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    That gets picked in the NFL
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  4. Jwill1919

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    What's so crazy about saying Johnny is a gunslinger? Did I say he would be as good, or did I say he was like Favre?
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    He is not the future...I've said it a million times. He just doesn't have it. Too inconsistent and inaccurate. 3 years later, and I am still nervous when he steps back in the pocket.
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  6. ImATitan

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    This may be the worst throw I've ever seen. Seriously.

    I don't want Manziel & it has 0 to do with his off the field "issues" or height. It has to do with a terribly inconsistent pocket QB and numerous bone headed decisions like this gif I quoted.
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    Do you guys who dislike Manziel just make this crap up? Seriously. He completed 70% of his passes in college. 7 of 10. " terribly inconsistent pocket QB" is what you said. 63 TD's and only 22 INTs. This kid will be very good. Saying a certain pass will be intercepted in the NFL is ludicrous. You dont know that. NFL QBs throw jump balls all the time. I am not advocating the Titans selecting him, although if he is there at 11 you grab him no doubt.

    THis kid is going to be very good for someone. He is a winner and a great football player. He isnt a running QB. He has a great arm and great instincts. He reads defenses and isnt another VY.
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    I make my own mind up. I watched 5 games of his last night. I saw far too many bad throws in a clean pocket for my liking. Lots of underthrows. Honestly, I saw a lot of Jake Locker actually (throwing from the pocket wise).

    I wouldn't draft him at 11. If we do, I believe we'd be in the same situation 3-5 years from now that we are in right now.

    I think he reads defenses. I think Jake Locker reads defenses. Both probably have high football IQs. I just think both lack consistent pass accuracy.
  9. TitanMark

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    Locker completed 54% of his passes in college. Just sayin......
  10. ImATitan

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    I think Manziel projects as a better pro than Locker. But I don't think he projects as a franchise QB.

    I still have hope for Locker as he was playing good football last season. I'm not saying Manziel has no chance. But I'm leaning towards no. I wouldn't feel comfortable with the Titans drafting him.

    Bortles is the better QB.