Locker is anti-clutch!!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Dec 2, 2012.

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    thought about reading the whole thread/site after todays debacle...


    forum has been marked read - Im just sayin'
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    I'll have to go back and look at the play, but I don't remember anybody being open underneath. Was he supposed to force a pass and possibly get picked off? The throw to Britt was basically a throw away. That was a bad play call. They need to give Locker more high percentage pass plays. Watch a good team in the red zone, then watch us. You'll see the difference in play calling. It's not that hard, but we seem to call the exact opposite plays than we should. DON'T RUN 4 WIDE VERTICALS INSIDE THE 15!!! Don't call a draw play with 15 seconds on the clock. Every time we are in the red zone it's 4 and 5 wide sets. It's not working! Throw some high percentage passes, bootlegs, screens, run the ball! Anybody see the screen to welker today? That's how you do it. We can't execute a screen to save our lives. Get Craig Stevens involved or Quinn Johnson. When do fades ever work?!
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    Locker sucks.

    He's not an NFL starting caliber QB. Just isn't going to happen.

    Try again this draft or next.
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    Zero chance at this year. Locker would have to show a legendary bust status for us to draft one next season as well.
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    Not if Munchak is fired after this season. I'd say that gives him 2013 to prove himself or he's done. No new head coach is going to sink his career because the last guy invested in him.

    I don't see it happening this year. Geno Smith and Matt Barkley seem like frauds to me. Anyone else I'm missing?
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    Houston D vs young QB's this season.

    Week 1
    Tannehill 20-36 219yd 0TD 3INT 2sacks 1FUM 30-10 Hou

    Week 2
    Gabbert 7-19 53yd 1TD 0INT 3sacks 2.8avg 27-7 Hou

    Week 5 MNF
    Sanchez 14-31 230yd 1TD 2INT 3sacks 2FUM 23-17 Hou

    Week 7
    Flacco 21-43 147yd 1TD 2INT 1FUM 43-13 Hou

    Week 12
    Stafford 31-61 441yd 2TD 0INT 0FUM 3sack 34-31 Hou

    Week 13
    Locker 21-45 309yd 1TD 3INT 6sacks 2FUM 24-10 Hou

    Besides The 6 sacks his numbers match up with the other guys this year.

    I think that we need to find some kind of IDENTITY on this football team. I support Jake. I love his heart, effort, and skill set. Jake tries his ass off. Thats all I want to see from him. Hes in a tough situation with this team going through a new change and now firing his off-cord. Im keeping my head up about this kidd right now. Remember Rodgers still hasn't taken a snap at this point of his career. Jake is gonna grow from these games.
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    I dont keep up with college so I personally have no clue.

    Even busts such as Russell and Smith had more starts than Locker has had. Locker will be here next season no matter what. Not sure who is coming out next season that will be "good" QB's.
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    I trust your judgement, seeing as you were dead on about Andrew Luck and Christian Ponder.
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