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    I'm assuming after heads cool a bit about the game Sunday and well the season overall we may get a better sense of what the future will be for Locker but right now what do you do for the QB position? My choice:

    -Bring in a competent coaching staff that can bring leadership, discipline, and how to work with developing QB's

    -Improve the OL. We need a Center, Guard, and so much more depth. This gives Locker more time in the pocket and should improve the run game which has been almost nonexistent for half the season.

    -Add a few more weapons. Britt isn't a true #1 like we though, Nate isn't getting any younger, Wright belongs in the slot, Cook is 1. a FA 2. coming off injury 3. inconsistent, and Thompson was a DE 2 years ago. Also, no depth at WR. We also need RB help.

    -Give Locker time. Get him in the film room, talking to the new coaches, scheming around him and focus on his strongest traits, and to help him out of these struggles lately most notably his footwork in the pocket and decision making. Both are correctable. Accuracy will be a problem but it can improve a bit.

    Okay so enough of my answer. Here are some guys that could be available.


    Joe Flacco- Ravens won't let him go and by won't I mean they would be in the same situation as us. No one else to sign or not impressed with draft class. He'll be back with the Ravens.

    Michael Vick- we ready to take on that contract for a 30 something QB with a ton of injury issues?

    Alex Smith- is he a FA? idk but SF won't want him anymore anyway. He's solid but worth giving up on Locker for? Not exactly.

    Colt McCoy- same question about Alex Smith, not worth giving up on Locker this soon. Could be nice competition but worth the loss of probable draft pick? Nope.

    Drew Stanton- please no

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head so now to prospects:

    Geno Smith- Nothing really great stands out about him. He has nice accuracy and a good arm but I'm skeptical if he can do this in the pocket at the NFL level. We're looking at a pick probably out of the top 5 and he may not be there when we're up. Also didn't play in an NFL system, works mostly out of shotgun..could struggle.

    Matt Barkley- Yeah on paper looks great but when watching him he just looks like another USC QB bust. Throw in that injury...

    Tyler Wilson- I think he's the best QB in the class. If he's there in the 2nd round I would be even tempted to take him and this is coming from a guy who wants to stick with Locker. His stock would've shot up if it wasn't for that disastrous season in Arkansas. He has the size, arm strength, accuracy, decision making, and intangibles to be a starting QB. I was a big fan of his last year so I may be a little biased but I think he's the real deal. He's the only option I could get behind if we decided to move Locker.

    Mike Glennon- haven't seen any of his game but have read recently he may be the top guy. Can't really give an opinion on him. Anyone else?

    Tyler Bray- bad decision making, accuracy ehh, mechanics ehh, off field issues, and pocket presence sucks. He gets hype because of his size and strong arm...pass

    There is always that excitement of having a new franchise QB or just drafting someone and thinking what ifs but unless we know for sure or really confident in someone I can't see the Titans making a move to replace Locker. I think he gets at least one more year. Next year will be his 3rd year in the league and 2nd starting, make or break.

    The 2014 class does include Cutler and Romo, ehh to both but better than anything available this year. Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Logan Thomas (please no unless he really improves next year), Aaron Murray, and Zach Mettenberger (has to improve like Thomas but also off field issues may keep teams away) will be available in the next draft. So clearly worst case is he's a bust next year and we have a top 3 pick and grab Manziel, isn't that better than just giving up now and going with a much bigger question mark? For the guys that want to get rid of Locker anyway I guess trading him for a 4th round pick, signing Alex Smith, and going 7-9 next year would be alright.
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    Not sure why everyone wants to give up on locker. If you fix the coaching problems.. The QB position will figure itself out. Good points on OL.
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    Must be sarcasm. There's plenty of horrible Qbs great coaches can't fix. Lockers inaccuracy problems won't get better with just a new coach. Time to get real.

    The first post is great in all but te reality is that we don't have the luxury of drafting anotherrrrrrr receiver high. Kendall wright was drafted like a number one and has to live up to that.
    I think our best option is to go defense defense defense, hopefully get a couple free agents that want to come on offense and pick up a vet QB (vickkk)

    Also curious as a Titan fan who has endured all these losing seasons...who cares about the cap hit, were so under it doesn't even matter. I feel some people would rather have losing seasons than to see us with high paid players
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    If the Titans did want to draft someone then I hope Wilson or Glennon fall to us in the 2nd. That would be the only way I could get behind an early round pick at QB. That creates open competition so hopefully it brings out the best in Locker and who knows maybe a desperate team calls us at the trade deadline and offers a great deal for the back up.

    Free agency won't help us a bit. I guess for the people that want to get rid of Locker no matter what will be okay with signing Alex Smith and going 7-9 next year with no real future at QB.
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    I just think Locker needs atleast 25 NFL starts before I can give him a fair assessment. Let him finish his contract and build the team up around him. The man has no O line, he has overrated receivers and no Tight Ends and running back that provides no balance to the offense.
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    With new coaches and an actual OL it can't hurt. These things have to happen anyway for the franchise to move forward so we might as well give that 8th overall investment another shot with some actual help.

    I'm not saying we should just saying at the beginning of the year it looked great and all but now we really don't have much. Let's be honest with ourselves, Britt doesn't have a future here unless he really turns things around and Nate only has a couple solid seasons left. I would love Wright to step up and be that wideout but even if he plays like a #1 WR doesn't mean he's going to be lined up out wide. Look at Welker, top WR on the team but he's a slot guy. I see Wright being that kind of guy. Also even with the improvement of the defense our offense is still going to need a lot of help, along with defense we rank near the bottom for everything. Again get an upgraded OL and most of this goes up.

    There is nothing wrong with spending money but it's how you spend it. Like your idea about Vick, yeah he would be an exciting player here but we can take that money and spend it on OL and defense and getting the same amount or even more wins rather than just having Vick who probably won't even finish the season. I would love to go after Moore or Gholdson and replace Babs, get some lineman, go after some DL help, and add more depth at LB, and if we have some change a WR. All that right there helps this team in the long run more than Vick. If we suck next year with Locker so be it, Manziel with the 1st pick. I would rather go down with Locker than adding a quick bandaid to a problem we'll eventually have to address if Locker doesn't improve.
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    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    The accuracy issues do concern me. I do think like you said if we're able to get help around him he can be a much better QB. He reminds me of a Favre but with more physical ability. Someone that can get the job done but won't be the prettiest and will always throw some bad passes every game. I don't know if that's the best comparison but you get the idea.
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    I am pretty solid on your first post.

    1. Get someone in here long term that we are committed to. Spend some serious money on a coaching staff and his coordinators. IMO the talent gap in the NFL is super small and what makes teams stand out is who is wearing the headset.

    2. Ditto on the line. Shore up the entire, give CJ some serious holes to work through and the passer some time to pick apart a defense. Part of our current problems with Locker is that he is not going through his reads and that is because he does not have the time. Fix this in the draft early on and free agency if we have some names available.

    3. I believe we have the weapons. Tag Cook and lets see what Britt does after not coming off an injury. Keep in mind these guys are not looking as good because of all the problems our OC has caused. Bring in a big back to spell CJ and convert those goal line situations.

    4. We are not getting anyone worth mentioning as a passer in free agency. I am 100% for trying to get someone in the 3rd or 4th for two reasons. To push Locker and maybe get a surprise like R. Wilson. Worst case scenario, we have two wasted picks on QBs, best case, we end up like S.D. with Rivers and Brees.

    5. Stay the course in free agency. Play it smart and count on the draft, we seem to be doing a good job at getting young guys to start early.
  9. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    As for next years starter at qb. Let the new HC decide. If he wants locker to be the guy his legacy is attached to, then great. If not, then try plan B. just about any other 2nd string qb would have been nearly as effective as JL this year. Seneca Wallace as a free agent could have performed as well.

    Hasselbeck can hit the trail, and let newbie and locker duke it out for the #1 slot. Not sure why rusty is still on the roster. Guess he's cheap.
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  10. World Peace

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    Rusty should be gone. He was a wasted draft pick by the former regime. Hass should be gone. We should maybe see about gettin Matt Flynn here to compete for the starting job. Not sure which QB is the draft gem this year
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