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Jake Locker

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by turnNburn, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Titan43

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    If AJ green cant be stopped then why were the bengals a 9-7 team last year? If hass did more than dink and dunk they bengals wouldn't have staged that comeback. I dont soley blame hass for that loss but you want your starting QB to be able to win those games. Haas didn't do it last year.

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    A.J. Green is only a rookie, cut him some slack. He'll be the next Calvin Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald, just you watch. Love that guy, wish we had him.
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  3. Titan43

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    I'm not saying AJ Green isn't or won't be a good/great reciever. I think he will probably be one of the best in the league in a year or so (behind Britt and Wright of course haha), but in no way should Hass be given a pass on blowing that game because the Bengals have AJ Green. The defense is definately to blame for that loss as well, but if we are going to stick with Hass at QB I want to be assured that he can win those types of games. Hass has done NOTHING to prove that he can win the big games, the close games, or the important games. If the Titans are down 14 pts going into the 4th quarter, I have little faith that Hass would be able to bring us back. I would've had more faith in VY to bring us back than Hass (not saying VY is a better Qb because he is not). Hass beat average teams with average play, I really don't see why so many people think he had some great season last year. He played OK, but we need more than OK from the QB position.

    Locker could come out and play great, or he could suck, but probably he will play somewhere inbetween at least starting off. But he really won't have to do much to equal the level of play of Hass, and he will only be getting better, Hass' best days are behind him.
  4. CRUDS

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    Green is a freakin superhero.
    They added some names to line up on the other side - in this draft..
    Look out in 2012..

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    No one needs to sell me on Locker, he's the guy I wanted since the last second of our 2010 season, but I just think Hasselbeck can get it done if he had any help. And last year he had nothing but good blocking.
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    Green is very good, but still isnt as talented as Kenny Britt though
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    Never judge a schedule based on last season. Power of schedule is so overrated until about half way through the season when things start to shake out. Too much turnover each year to judge who will and won't be good.

    But yes I hope Locker starts as well.
  8. turnNburn

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    plain and simple, slow and steady wins the race....

    but in a drag race, slow and steady won't get you jack!

    I guess it will depend how quick our offensive tempo will be this year with a altering OL. -- if it's grind it out, and bore the defense all the way to the endzone, then Hass is still the man. -- if it's us making a "GETAWAY RIGHT OUT OF THE BANK" -- then I say we trust in LOCKER.
  9. TitansWrath

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    Yes, you can score with 6-7 yards at a time. But it is much harder that way. One penatly kills the drive. More chances at a fumble or tipped pick.


    NE is GOING to hang 28 points on our defense. Anybody disagree? So which is more likely, Matt leads five scoring drives, 6 and 7 yards at a clip, or Jake leads 5 making big plays downfield here and there?

    Don't get me wrong. We are an underdog either way. But Jake gives us a BETTER chance to win. Starting hass is just cowardly conservative "play to not lose" football, which is what we've been doing for over a decade. IT DOESN'T WORK!
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  10. GTFO my pancakz

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    We would have won the NO game with Locker starting.

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