Jake Locker looking to bounce back

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    As much as I dislike Kenny, that pick was pretty much all on Jake.
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    no way. haven't you seen jcbraves awesome gifs, Kenny puzzed out.
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    JC and awesome in the same sentence? Is it opposite day?

    Where are the gifs you speak of?
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    in qnother thread. britt slides behind Finnegan. he coullda easily slid in front and at very least broke up the int but I think he definitely coulda caught it....but who am I kidding its Kenny britt

    found it
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    All I'm seeing is a terrible throw... looks like Kenny was too afraid of colliding with Finnegan and slid behind him. He could've broken the pass up, but it should never have been thrown. We're lucky that didn't turn into a pick 6.
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    You guys are amazing and I mean that in the worst possible way! It's fine to like your QB but to make up ridiculous excuses when he makes a mistake is just stupid.

    On that interception Britt settles his slant route in the open space between Finnegan and the cornerback and Locker not only stares down Britt but throws a horrible ball well to the inside of Britt which allows Finnegan the easy interception. That is ALL on the QB no ifs and buts. The slant route should never have been targeted as it was well defended. In fact that whole side of the field was well defended with Wright covered by the S on the outside, LB on the inside and CB underneath and Locker should have looked elsewhere.
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    Haha has not dropped anywhere close to 20 passes and that INT was Lockers fault. Not Britt's. Locker read man and it was zone.
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    That INT was on Locker. Locker was not near as sharp last week as he was earlier in the year.

    I hope he returns to early season form...making great throws/decisions in the passing game and impacting the game with his legs as well. An offense that can run the ball, pass the ball, and has a QB making plays with his legs is really tough to defend.
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    JCBRAVE Wake up and die right Tip Jar Donor

    Kenny Britt seriously needs to be deactivated. Every time he's in Jake says he feels the need to get Kenny involved, and every time, Kenny does something wrong. He's either dropping passes, quitting on routes, or just not playing hard, the kid is a liability and I want him gone NOW!

    Back to Jake and his play. I notice Jake is rusty anytime he's had time away. Week-1 to start the season he played alright, but before last week, his week-1 performance was his worst of the year. Then come week-7 vs the Niners. He'd just come back from his injury so he'd been away, thats when his first turnover came. Then last week having returned from his bye he throws 2 bad balls that cost him.

    Jake Locker will be better vs the Jags. 1.) because they're the Jags, and 2.) because he's Jake Locker who gets better with every snap.
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    A receiver breaking up a would-be interception is a bonus. It is unreasonable to expect receivers to consistently break up badly thrown passes that go straight to the DB. Yes it's awesome when receivers prevent a bad throw from being picked off but that doesn't mean we should expect them to do it and criticize them when they can't do it.