If we lose to Jacksonville week 17....

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    NO WAY, Settling again. If we take Reid, we might as well kept fisher. Go for someone Big here, and at least try to make a splash
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    Yes they are 11-1 (about to be 11-2), but their last 3 wins have been against some crappy teams with a combined record of 6-29 (Jags, Lions, and Titans) and none of those wins were convincing. Took OT to beat the Jags, took OT and the refs help to beat the Lions, and only managed 24 points against a crappy Titans D despite 6 turnovers in there favor ... so yeah I am skeptical right now.

    If they can beat the Pats tonight, then I might change my mind, but I think the Pats win by 14+.
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    I don't think so. Andy Reid is a better coach than FishFace IMO.

    Andy Reid - 130-90-1 in regular season (0.591). 9 Playoff appearances in 14 years* (64%) with a 10-9 playoff record (.526)

    Jeff Fisher - 148-127 (0.538) in regular season. He has 6 Playoff appearances in 18 years* (33%) with a 5-6 playoff record (.454)

    So basically Reid has a better record than Fisher, goes to the playoffs twice as often, and wins more games when he is there.

    Only 5 times in 14 years* (35%) has an Andy Reid coached team been below at or below .500... Jeff Fisher been at or below .500 12 times in 18 years* (66%)

    I think Reid would be a good fit here, and could probably use a change of scenery.

    * including this year

    ** stats came from pro-football-reference.com
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    I honestly think some of you forget we were 10-0 and 11-1... and all it took was a bounty on CJ in the playoffs to end it for us... plus two fumbles in the redzone and the refs having money on Baltimore.

    Schaub gets hurt... they're done. Andre Johnson gets hurt... they're done. Watt gets hurt... they're done.

    Schaub is due a terrible injury any game now.
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    Sometimes a change of scenery can be good for a coach/team... exactly why Fisher is doing well with the Rams. Reid could come here and have success. He just needs to get out of Philly.

    I would be happy if we hired Reid because he brings stability... I know his team is in shambles this year, but it's not all his fault. He knows what he's doing. His biggest downside is his stubbornness in running the football.

    He needs to take a year away from the game though.
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    So glad the texans are getting their butts handed to them tonight so far. Go (insert team here who's playing against the texans)!!!
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