If Free Agency is a indicator of the draft

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansCountry25, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. but u already said that its never gonna happen...
  2. Apples and Oranges...
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    Where do names like McGahee, Clements, and Brady come from? These guys and more were all gambles in a draft. LenDale could be the next Jerome Bettis. VY is, well, VY. Brandon Jones could be better than Stallworth can ever be. I can see Finnegan starting one day at corner and being great at it. Our 5th or 6th round pick this year could turn out to be in the running for rookie of the year next year. Well, that's highly unlikely, but it could happen. What I am saying is that everyone has potential to be something and it's not always about the round that the player was picked in. Take Bennett for example. He was undrafted. It's not the end of the world because we didn't get to spend 60% of our remaining finances on a cornerback or 3 picks on a running back. Guess what, those same teams will be feeling the pain in a few years and we will be smelling like a rose. They will be letting some of their "playmakers" go due to cap problems and we will be waiting with open arms. I am not about to give up on MR or the next season just yet. Take a chill pill and relax... it's March. I'd be on your bandwagon if it was August and our team still had the holes that it does or if we released VY the week before the season started. :irked: It will all work out... like it did this past season. Let's not get real excited until July. :))
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    And my man MR had a little something to do with a certain perennial playoff team out there in Seattle...let's not forget.

    Build through the draft. It works.
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    As far as I'm concerned. Frankly, I hope I'm dead wrong.

    once again, this is my opinion only :)
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    I think the only person LenDale can be is himself. Were just gonna have to wait and see...
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    :whiner: cry me a river.

    hating a guy because he won't spend on a bunch of average players. And if we go by your plan we'd be cutting Clements, Stallworth and the rest next year because of cap problems and still wouldn't make the playoffs.

    Reinfeldt has more of a clue then you ever will.
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    Only took 10 words for your post to be entirely ridiculous.
    Comparing Travis Henry to LT? That's smart.
  10. turner could be a starting back on just about any team except hes playing behind a HOFer right now... sucks for him
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