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If Cowher leaves will Fisher be the Steelers main target for his replacement

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Childress79, Aug 14, 2006.


Should it be a priority to extend Fisher's contract now

Yes the Steeler's would target him 9 vote(s) 39.1%
No we have nothing to worry about 5 vote(s) 21.7%
Yes we want him longterm no matter what 12 vote(s) 52.2%
No we don't want him longterm anyway 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. LazyManJackson Starter

    I agree with Rolltide in that such a winning percentage like 31% can't be tolerated for a long period of time, even if the team is rebuilding. The Titans wanna win.

    But I believe we need Fisher right now, I don't think we'll have a winning season, but I don't think the Titans are gonna fire Fisher, he has had a hard job to do these last 2 seasons and now I wanna see him get more physical with the players, be harsh you kno.

    We should be back too winning ways in 08, if not, Fisher WILL be fired.
    *Poms Rule*
  2. Hoffa Not Family?Then freak you you freakin' freak

    Cowher came close to being fired, the fans were calling for him to be, until last season. I remember the stories about his children being harassed in school, people putting For Sale signs in his yard. Steelers had some down years, but they stuck with Cowher and he proved he could coach a SB Champion team.

    Fisher has proved he can produce a SB team, and perennial contenders. There's no reason to think he can't again, once he has the tools.
  3. berkmanmvp2 Guest


    Are you familiar with the term average? How many coaches in the NFL have been to the superbowl? Eleven of 32. That's above average, 34% have been there, 66% have not. How many coaches in the NFL have a playoff run like Fisher had through 2003?
    The team was demolished in 2004, and 2005 -- for different reasons. It's hardly sensible to say a team that is debuting a new quarterback should be expected to win nine games. Especially one that's won 4 games the last couple of seasons. Maybe Phillip Rivers in San Diego is expected to do that well, but he's taking over a competitive team.
    I'm hopeful, but 9 wins is a little much to ask for.
    Fisher should be extended unless something truly dramatic happens to this team that is unforseen. He's proven his worth.
  4. RollTide All-Pro


    So because fisher had a team in the super bowl 7 years ago he should never be fired. 3 straight horrible seasons doesn't matter.

    If this team goes 6-10 this season that would give fisher a career record of 108-99 playoffs included. If that isn't average what is? If we have a losing season this year that would mean that fisher has had 4 losing seasons and 4 winning seasons. Average?

    Why would you judge a coach on a thin criteria from 7 years ago and nothing else? That is what you are saying. Is this franchise so pathetic and it's fans with such low self esteem that we have no standards for our football team? Based on your criteria ditka would still be the coach of the bears. How could they fire a guy who won a super bowl? Sentimentality, emotion and nostagia rule the day!
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    Childress79 Loungefly ®


    your last post in reply to berkman seems to bear little in relation to berkman's actual post.Where did the guy say anything about Fisher being owed a job because he took a team to the superbowl 7 years ago.

    We have consistently responded to your posts in relation to this thread with respect to your opinion but it seems to me that on reviewing it in it's entirety ;u are unwilling to acknowledge that the opinions of others on Fisher's value to the team carry any weight.

    I have found your posts on other threads more often than not make valiid & interesting points however in relation to this thread ur posts seem out of character & u seem unwilling to respect anyones opinion other than ur own.

    What gives dude?
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    Gunny Lord and Master

    that's the way RollTide works.
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    GoT Strength and Honor

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