I want to cut/trade CJ

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by joeman546, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. joeman546

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    No its not that im angry at his game today, or that i dont respect his numbers or that we have a bad line.

    He just cant do most of the things we need him to do.

    Run ahort routes, catch screens, run without a lead blocker, hold on to the ball, then you get to his occasional problems with vision and hesistating.

    But most of all, its these run heavy sets we have to use to make him effective. It limits the passing game and tightens the field by taking away a pass catching threat. We are not a run first team, and that doesnt win games.

    Id like a complete running ame makeover this offseason. At line and RB. I dont care how good his fantasy numbers end up being this year.(typos are due to nerve problems)
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  2. Obie09

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    We have 4 backups and a hurt LT. Our run game was fine for 8 straight weeks, we just never had a balanced offense because there's always one facet that doesn't work, rookie QB, RB hesitating, bad blocking, dropped passes. Obviously a power back would be more effective and would be great when it's needed and put CJ on the bench or a power back and CJ backfield, but CJ is still the biggest threat to opposing defenses even when he doesn't make plays and is shut down. Think it would be dumb to cut him.
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  3. steverife

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    The fumbles are getting worrysome. Otherwise, I'm happy with his effort. He has caught the ball cleanly the last few weeks, is an underrated blocker, etc, etc, etc.
  4. Obie09

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    He has 4 fumbles and thats the most in his career. Two came against the Bears when the ball was getting punched out left and right. Not really worried about that..even though he probably should have had a 5th today.
  5. joeman546

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    Just so we're clear, my problems with CJ stem from the approach we have to taje in our offense to make him a legitamite threat which limts the offense. Not because I dont like his prodution a particular day or seaaon
  6. TheSureThing

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    you want to cut the only relevant part of our football team???

    In 15 years CJ will be inducted into the hall of fame as the first Titan ever and these 4 playoffless years will feel a little more meaningful.
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  7. GeronimoJackson

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    Running backs aren't franchise players anymore. If CJ can finish strong, I'm hoping we can get a sucker to trade a first rounder for him.
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  8. CJtheBeast

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    Can't believe this thread.
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  9. The Playmaker

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    I say keep him, yeah his contract is bad but right now we can afford it. Bring in another RB that can spell CJ (I wouldn't mind Eddie Lacy or some other bruising back) and let's get this offense back together. I also hope we can get Britt back as long as he stays healthy the rest of the year and like doesn't get arrested. I'm asking a lot from him but I guess we'll see. Address the OL in free agency and early in the draft and look at us now.
  10. joeman546

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    Im actually quite shocked most of you dont understand the inherent problem with keeping two or three people in the backfiellld just for your rb. Those formations arent made for a passing game, which is what wins in the NFL