I think Dee Milliner is our guy

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by SawdustMan, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. SawdustMan

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    I think he falls right in our lap and here's how I see it going down.

    1. Chiefs: Luke Joeckel- Milliner is obviously not in play here.
    2. Jaguars: Geno Smith- Just you watch.
    3. Raiders: Star Lotulelei/Shariff Floyd- Too early for Milliner. Plus they just signed a couple corners in the offseason.
    4. Eagles: Eric Fisher- Whichever OT doesn't go 1st overall is a no brainer here.
    5. Lions: Ziggy Ansah- Lions already drafted 3 corners last year. And are in dire need of a pass rusher.
    6. Browns: Dion Jordan- This spot is the biggest threat to Milliner IMO. But they already have Haden and DL/pass rush is a much bigger need.
    7. Cardinals: Lane Johnson- Another no brainer pick. And CB isn't a huge need for them anyway.
    8. Bills: Ryan Nassib/ Matt Barkley/Chance Warmack- As I've been saying all along, I think these QBs are going to go off the board sooner than everyone thinks. I think the Bills could be the team to make a big reach. If not, I think they go Warmack to fill the hole left by Levitre. Plus they just spent their 1st round pick on a CB last year.
    9. Jets: Barkevious Mingo/Chance Warmack/Jonathan Cooper- Jets are reportedly "smitten" with Mingo and it seems like the kind of move they would make. They could also use some help on the OL. Even though they just lost Revis, they have bigger needs than CB. They still have Cromartie and Kyle Wilson. I also think they'd go WR before CB as well.

    I really think we could potentially be looking at our choice of Milliner, Floyd/Star, and at least one of the top OGs at 10. And I think we go Milliner. If the Browns pass on Milliner (and I think they will), I think he's a Titan. Unless someone moves in front of us for him.
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  2. RockyTop Fox

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    That would be nice, but we would have to be incredibly lucky for all of that to happen.. It's just too unlikely that ALL that will happen lol.. but we can hope! I'm not too sold on Milliner as the best DB in this draft, but hey, if he does fall to 10 I think we have to take him.
  3. SawdustMan

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    I don't think it's too unrealistic. Geno is going top 10 even if it's not to the Jags. And I just don't see Milliner getting any serious consideration until pick 6. Honestly, the Browns and Jets are the only teams ahead of us I see as legitimate threats to draft Milliner. And I just think they both have much more pressing needs.
  4. SawdustMan

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    Regardless, I think we're going to have our choice of at least 2 of these guys: Milliner, Floyd, Lotulelei, Jordan, and Ansah. I think we'd take any one of them over a guard. I was sold on Warmack or Cooper being the pick for so long. But now I just don't see it happening.
  5. TheSureThing

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    someone will trade up (probably for Geno) and it will throw a wrench in this whole thing but we'll just have to see how it plays out...I would love Millner or Jordan but I have my doubts either will be there.
  6. xpmar9x

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    How I see it:

    1. Chiefs: Luke Joeckel- Take the #1 OT, CB isn't a need @ #1
    2. Jaguars: Dion Jordan - They opt for a dominant LEO guy, Geno would NOT surprise me
    3. Raiders: Shariff Floyd- They need corner help, but DL is much more important right now
    4. Eagles: Eric Fisher- Franchise OT, gotta protect Vick
    5. Lions: Ziggy Ansah- Current DEs are Ronnell Lewis & Willie Young. Lost Avril & KVB, just invested in Chris Houston & Glover Quin.
    6. Browns: TRADE w/ ?? (SD/MIA) - Lane Johnson - rumor is Cleveland is looking to trade back. SD/Mia need that franchise OT, Browns are active and move back. Lane isn't getting passed ARZ.
    7. Cardinals: Chance Warmack - They HAVE to improve that OL. No OT available worthy of #7, instead they opt for the #1 OG.
    8. Bills: Geno Smith - They need a QB, bad. Also just spent their 1st round pick on a CB last year. Jonathan Cooper another option.
    9. Jets: Barkevious Mingo Jets are in love with getting a playmaker. Mingo can provide the pass rusher they need. They still have Cromartie and Kyle Wilson. Tavon Austin another option, but I think they'll opt for Mingo first. Look for #8 to be on the block, Bills can trade back and still get Geno; while another team moves infront of NYJ for Mingo or Austin.

    #10 Titans: Our choice of Cooper, Star, or Milliner.
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  7. Ensconatus

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    I dig. And I'm pretty sure we would go milliner there. Wouldn't mind star tho. And addressing CB with slay in round 2

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    Milliner at 10 is cool by me. Just keep Patterson & Werner away from me.
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  9. xpmar9x

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    I agree. However, don't sleep on Detroit or Browns drafting him - both are legit possibilities, but you can make arguements for them to draft another position. Also, could see a team trading with NYJ to move up for Dee and NYJ gets more picks to help the rebuild.

    I don't love Milliner, but would take him over Mingo or an OG. I'm a firm believe that CB is our biggest need, but Milliner does have some flaws - most notably his back pedal. Which, an athlete like him should be able to be taught. It would be hard to pass up on him.

    1st: Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    2nd: Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky
    3rd: Corey Lemonier, DE, Auburn
    3rdC: Ryan Swope, WR, T A&M
    1st: Star Lotuteli, DT, Utah
    2nd: Jonathan Banks/Darius Clay, CB, Miss St
    3rd: Barrett Jones, OG/C, Alabama
    3rdC: Best DE available

    which would you rather have?
  10. Ensconatus

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    Tbh I would prefer star/slay/Frederick.

    I think slay is a much smoother athlete compared to Dee. Dude completely rocked the combine while D Just impressed with his 40... I like the smooth transitions more than just speed. To me Slay has a better chance at keeping up with WRs because he is more fluent and basically the same size/speed.

    I see extremely likewise athletes and D didn't do near enough on a stacked Alabama team to win that case if you can get a clone 32 picks later...