I Like Matt Hasselbeck

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Finnegan2win, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    He also got lucky on that one ball during a Broncos jailbreak he should have thrown out-of-bounds that Wash somehow caught.
  2. costarica2

    costarica2 Banned forever


    That's kerry collins MH actaully has some balls and puts the pressure on the WRs.
  3. GeronimoJackson

    GeronimoJackson Pro Bowler

    Intangibles. ;)
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  4. Arcane

    Arcane One Day...

    Hasselbeck has definately impressed me as well. But it's only week 3 and now Britt is gone. Let's see what he's realy made of.

    I give as much credit for the awsome catches our receivers are making as I do to Hassel.
  5. smili

    smili Starter

    I'm happily surprised at how good Hasselbeck is playing right now. Even moreso - I'm liking that our guys are catching the ball. I don't know if they changed drills or what but Nate Washington is a different receiver. Several other guys are catching much better than I remember. I gotta give Hasselbeck credit. really impressive so far.
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  6. seafandawghawk

    seafandawghawk Starter

    You basically got it right re the Seahawks. They did offer Hasselbeck a one-year contract for 7 million, but were unwilling to sign a deal for three years. Pete Carroll has got a major youth movement underway in Seattle; there are only two guys left from the 2005 SB team, both of them still relatively young.

    And yeah, the Hawks O-Line has almost gotten Hasselbeck killed these past three years. He's played injured during all of them (mostly ribs). I think you're right: they wanted to draft a QB for MH to mentor this year, except they didn't have anyone left that they liked. And they knew the O-line would be a major rebuilding project; so they decided to get a more mobile QB (TJack), and signed him to a two-year contract. (This year is also Whitehurst's final year of his contract.) Carroll is rolling the dice while waiting for the extremely young & inexperienced O-line to get some experience together. Worst case is that they draft a QB at the end of this year and have TJack for only one more year, with Whitehurst already gone. TJack and the rookie QB compete for the starting job next year, with TJack on his way out (or a career backup) after next year.

    In any case, I'm glad to see MH getting the opportunity to play behind a decent O-Line again, and glad that his strengths (competitive intensity, football IQ, passing accuracy) are coming through. But I'm real real sorry to see Kenny Britt take a season-ending injury. There's no bright side for that-- but that said, MH is used to making the most out of non-elite talent in his receiving corps (if given enough time to read the D schemes and go though his progressions). The remaining healthy Titans receivers don't seem less talented to me, on the whole, than the Hawks had available in 2005. Still hoping/rooting for the Titans to win the AFC South. Might not be any more than just beating the Texans when it counts. Doesn't seem so far-fetched to me right now, especially considering how well their D is playing.
  7. titanflamer

    titanflamer Starter

    I am excited with what they have done together so far. No doubt he has helped make the offense better. Lets hope they keep having good chemistry without Kenny .

    Maybe after a miscue, Matt is trying to tell the receiver what he thought went wrong. What a concept! A Titan QB who actually explains what he wants done on certain routes?

    Too bad Manning never tried this.

    Sarcasm very much intended.
  8. Tight Uns

    Tight Uns I'm a girl, dude

    I think Hasselbeck has guys going the extra yard because he's a great teammate and leader. I noticed in preseason that he seemed to be developing a relationship with Washington and how Washington had improved. Once they seemed to be really deep into discussion and looked almost angry with each other, but Hasselbeck kept going to him so I figured it was just intent discussion on how to do what.

    I think they trust him and he trusts them.

    I love it.
  9. Bababooey

    Bababooey Veteran

    Yeah definitely outperforming our expectations but he's certainly the guy I wanted. I'm just surprised the guy turned out THIS good.

    As far as living without Britt, clearly he wasn't too worried when he drove 95 yards to put us ahead in the 4th so I doubt he will be too devastated. Will he miss him as a target? sure.

    But despite him hooking up with Britt regularly, it was more to Britt's testament than Hass's. Hass throws to the open man, it just so happens Britt is the open man more often than not.
  10. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    I know you VY lovers wont like these stats, but I figured I'd share:

    Vince Young: 54 games with the Titans, two 300 yard passing performances. 57.9 completion percentage, 42 TDs, 42 INTs, 75.7 passer rating.

    Matt Hasselbeck: three games with the Titans, two 300 yard passing performances. 69.6 completion percentage, 5 TDs, 2 INTs, 102.2 passer rating.
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