I hope we don't draft one of these two

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    A trashed hotel room at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis belonged to Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers wide receiver Mark Harrison,

    NFL sources also told ESPN they believe Harrison is not responsible for what happened to the room.

    His agent, Ed Wasielewski, also said Harrison was not involved.

    "My client completely denies having anything to do with the hotel incident," he said.

    Luckily, thank God, my agent got my flight booked early or it really would've been questionable if I did [it] or not," he said. "My agent got my flight booked early. He told me hurry up.
    "I got done before Mark Harrison, so I was already packed. I already took a shower and packed and everything. Mark came in and we spoke for at least 20 minutes about the combine. Then the bellman came in and helped me get my bags out. And I left. That's, honestly, all I can say."

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    Is it strange that the first name that came to my mind was Cordarelle Patterson?