I´ll die this saturday at 17:00

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Michi40, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    LNFA begins,

    LNFA stands for American Football National (of Spain) League

    Is the 1st div of Spain.

    Lions (my team) is the bottom team of the div.
    Pioners is fav to the title, and considered 7th in whole europe at europe football "champions" league: The EFL

    We play L´Hospitalet Pioners in first week

    Facing his 5 usa/canadians/mexican semipros, among his other players

    25 years old. Univ of York - OL - played canadas all-start his senior year, invited to CFL combine.

    WR/DB, 30 years old Vernier Cup winner, Ottawa Univ, 10ºth player with most scores in championship history, 5th round pick in CFL, injured his first seasons ended playing in Finland, Italy and now Spain... hope they dont CB blitz..

    WR/DB Univ Massachussest, from Honolulu, 23 years, he is 10º in this univ history in most receptions during a regular season. Played Arena one year then came to Europe, guess he is waiting a chance at NFLE this/next year

    Qb, played in Tennessee at Martin University, then in a minor league team in Florida, then Munich Cowboys, and now LNFA

    DL Huston born, played High School there, considered at this level best DL of the area,then moved to mexico, won 2 ONEFA championships with the ITEC Monterey University. Mexican national team player from 1998 to 2003, World Cup winner in Germany 2003. Getting ready for NFLE tryouts while playing as semipro in Spain at the moment.

    Pioners loves to blitz

    And... I´ll be on the other side of the ball... under center.

    Ill tell you which hospital you can send me flowers to. Hope I can watch the SB at the Hospital, watching Manning choking big time.
  2. Gunny

    Gunny Lord and Master Tip Jar Donor

    Atleast it won't be a total loss. :ha:

    Good luck.
  3. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    Thanks, i´ll need it.
  4. mdfan

    mdfan Starter Tip Jar Donor

    Have fun too

    Hope you are watching the SB at home:spud:
  5. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    Yeah, me too, or at least at a sports bar better
  6. Toly

    Toly Free your mind

    How old are you? I thought you were 50+ or something.
  7. According to his profile, he's 29...

    Good luck Michi, looks like you're gonna need it:thumb:
  8. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    Yep, Im 29.

    Dont bury me yet!!

    (I say it because of the age, not the game) ;)
  9. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    Still alive and kicking. Little sore but nothing special

    We lost... no surprise there...

    0-56 (grr)

    But scoreboard is not too fair to us, because they score 3 times in punt returns, which we would replan using defensive players, instead of ofenssive.

    BTW, we also ended 2 times on kick off returns in the 15 yard, so I must guess or KO return team is rather good and we could surprise someone on this in the league.

    We ended 4 times in the red zone, (2 of them tried 25 yds FGs, but didnt work, new kicker there)

    As usual, because we have little weight in the OL and need more playing arsenal for the red zone, we find it very hard to advance one we get in those last 15 yards.

    Rained a lot, and our passing game was poorly executed, so we went one dimensional against a good d. They passed a lot in first half untill it rained a lot more and then runnend us in the middle using some trapping, which confused our rookie DL. Letting the RB on one-on-one against the OLBS, and leaving the sidelines open. The DE were also over-covering the sidelines leaving big holes for the off tackle (strong side) and off guard (week side) runs...

    Im still very proud on the team. We fought hard, never gave up, and never began yelling at each other.

    We face Barcelona Uroloki (managed by a former Dragons Assistan who takes care of NFL Europe tryouts for the Mexican leagues, and usually brings to his team 2-3 Mexican well talented players.) next week at Barcelona.

    HAVE FUN WATCHING THE SB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    Also, Dominique Stewart, the Massacht. Univ. player, did a GREAT game, scoring 3 TDs on long pass plays, one an amazing dive catch.

    Mike di Battista didnt do much. Got to panckake him on a reverse play.
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