How lethal can play action be this year

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by rodgev, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. rodgev

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    With a revamped line and Walker play action should be exciting this year young QB's are usually protected by play fakes. I'm hoping for a Russell Wilson type year from Locker and Im hoping that the coaching staff took a good look at some Seattle tapes.

    I'm unreasonably excited this off season!
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    I'm pretty pumped for the season as well, the FO has done a good job filling holes and putting our players in a position to succeed. If our line is as good as we're expecting and CJ has a 1500 yard season, play action could really open things up for Locker.
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  3. Thaddeus43

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    Our PA will be dangerous ... like a fire in a nursing home
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  4. The Hammer

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  5. Big Time Titan

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    Seriously get off Russell Wilson's jock, dude is not that good. But our play-action should be pretty great with our improved O-line.
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    JCBRAVE Wake up and die right Tip Jar Donor

    He's 2nd tier, doubt he ever see's the level play Brees and those guys see, his running game and defense makes his life so much easier, but he's good.
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    Dont normally respond but I said a Russell Wilson type year not on his jock. Wilson had good command of his offense didnt hurt his team to bad with turnovers and ran the ball effectively when he needed to and not as a first option. For Jake to have the kind of year that Wilson had last year would be great for us as a team. Wilson also looked poised as a young player and I hope that Jake will be poised under pressure this year also. The SEAHAWKS and by extension Wilson ran the play action very effectively last year without resorting to the read option, which was the point of my original post. Here is to hoping that Locker can command this team in a pro style offense which will give him minimal exposure to big hits and run the play action well which will give our team. (All Titans fans). The best chance for an exciting season
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  8. Brew City

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    I wouldn't say it would be lethal. Hopefully no one dies. I think it can be pretty real good though.
  9. Big Time Titan

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    I need to apologize for that. I shouldn't have directed it at you personally. I'm just tired of hearing people anoint Wilson as this great QB after a really good rookie season. I will give him credit for a good season but I don't see him being anything special. The Seahawks were great last year and he helped them by not screwing up and managing games. He did some good things but I don't get all the love.
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    I too am tired of hearing how Russel Wilson is the next coming of Drew Brees. His success was literally a perfect storm.

    A) One of the top O-lines in football
    B) Incredible running game headed by Lynch
    C) Top 5 defense
    D) Best home field advantage in the NFL.
    E) Simple offense

    By the way, does anyone remember how poor he played for the first half of the season, I do? I think he'll be a better than average QB as long as everything continues to line up.