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    Sorry to the Munch brigade, but we need change...and soon.
  2. DaFunkYMonkeY

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    like fire him now or the day after our final game so we can find our next head coach soon after that and be ahead of the game. please for the love of god don't hire from within the organization like bud always did
  3. nickmsmith

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    I hear Mike Tomlin may be available at the end of this season!

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    being a HoFer and having bad luck apparently
  5. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    It seems like mostly nfl scrubs make good coaches. I recommend Donnie Nickey for head coach.
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    Not "good".... GREAT.
  7. Alex1939

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    3 years is long enough. Playoffs or bust!
  8. Alzarius

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    If by proven talent, you mean Levitre/Roos/Steward, you have a point. However Levitre, just like many FA's, go elsewhere and are not as productive. It happens all the time. Stewart has fallen off and Roos is still good but not as good as he was. They are aging. Most people have already agreed that we will need a tackle this off season.

    Warmack and big ugly are rookies and havent proven anything.

    Bruce was an assistant in Houston. Not the line coach, not the OC, or anything else. He was simply an assistant. John Benton has been the Texans line coach for 8 years.

    I still dont understand why everyone blames Bruce for something bad in Houston. I see no substance to it, other than using him as a scapegoat. Someone stated "once BM left Houston, the line got better" and the board ran with it.

    Its not that Im dogging Weber, hes done a great job imo. Im just saying he is human, and we cant hit on all of the FA's.

    He went from the Browns HC, to the Pats HC. I am not so sure that Munch would be worth a damn as a coordinator. I think he would be a worse coordinator than a HC.

    The only proven, successful players we have on offense is Wright, Walker, Roos, Stewart, Levitre, and Washington, Green, and Johnson.

    Stewart is gone. Roos is still good enough to keep laying. Levitre is not playing as well as he was in Buffalo (same reason many FA's do well, then flal off when they get their next contract" When I look at that list, I see 5, maybe 6 people who are proven to be successful (depending on what you think of CJ). Out of 11 starters on offense.

    I wish I could see what you see, but I dont.

    I cant complain too much about our defense, but I can about our offense. The defense has improved.

    Green has less YPC than CJ. Levitre, just like many FA"s that switch teams every year, is not playing we well as we had hoped. Walker I have no issues with. I just do not see a telented offense. I see potential to be pretty damn good, if we can get someone who can get the ball out. I fully expect our line to "gel"... or maybe thats wishful thinking but we are stuck with who we have, one tackle aside, for all of next season too.
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    Talent, who we have or who we don't have, a shortened offseason, the peyton manning chase that oh noes cause us to miss out on mario williams....

    None of that matters anymore. Everyone faces adversity and the buck stops with the Head Coach (and front office). 3 years of no playoffs will be enough to let Munch go.
  10. Alzarius

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    This is the main reason why I do not care if he gets fired this off season. In the end, hes the HC and no matter what else is going on, hes responsible for whats on the field. Hes responsible for whats on the field, whether it be his fault or not. Im just not going to be to be all shocked when we get a new head coach, but the same issues arise next season. In fact, Id rather not be shocked at all and get those issues fixed so we can win.

    Pretty much, exactly what you said here.

    And Im not trying to "excuse" him of the responsibility....I simply believe that the failure on the field, is more to do with players, than him as a coach.

    Thats why I asked what games he has been out coached in, and was my original question. I didnt want it to turn into this again.

    Who would you have hired that we did not go after? Not being a smartass, just curious who you would have hired.

    Every franchise wants to the Pats, very few can be even close. If we can ever hit on a QB, we will have 10 years of a solid team as long as we dont screw that up.

    Id buy a jersey (wright, Casey), but that about the extent. If I were a PSL holder, they would have probably already been gone. Right now, the Titans are not a wise investment.
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