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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Dec 2, 2013.

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    I'd say a few have noticed that my attitude has been slightly more negative than usual. Its because I have given up on this team......I haven't watched a game......in......almost a month.....I honestly cannot even tell you what game it was. One of the only reasons I am still here is because of my fantasy team and the fact you can talk good football here.

    Again, its the fan base thats killing me. All of these pathetic excuses for Munch, the 'badluck', saying its acceptable for players to be unmotivated every now and then. Then the local media just rolling right on through.

    The only thing we can actually get excited about recently was CJ going for over 2k and that was a LONG time ago. Said it before, I don't think this franchise goes anywhere until all Fisher players and coaches are gone.
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    Can someone explain to me why munch is excited about the cold weather this week? We've been out scored 148-21 in cold weather in recent games. This guy is clueless.
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    What do you want him to say? "Oh we suck at cold weather games, why are we even going to show up?"
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    I would appreciate the honesty
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    Why "smile" and boast on a weakness?
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    Didn't the Titans have two of their worse losses in franchise history in cold-weather games? Pats and Packers?
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    Oh boy. It speaks volumes that this was the first point you thought of. I shouldn't have to tell you this but just because someone is a HoF player does not mean they are also great at coaching. They are for the most part completely unrelated things. Otherwise we'd see a lot more HoF'ers in the top coaching positions. How many HoF players can you name who went on to coach a team to a SB? Or better yet, how many HoF players can you name who even went on to be a great Head Coach, even without a SB appearance?

    You could say the same thing about most coaches in the league. You typically don't get to this level by being a complete mouth-breather.

    That's fine that you trust him. But that is completely your own personal opinion and is not rooted in any actual fact. But I will say that I think "If I trust him, I am sure the players do as well!" is pretty terrible logic.

    He's a "very large man"?!?!? OMG wow. I don't even really know how to respond to that one. What does one's physical stature have to do with how good of a head coach they are??? Someone should let that wee man Nick Saban know that he's had it wrong all these years. He was supposed to be a terrible head coach all along!

    I too like the fact that he's willing to be aggressive in situations where Fisher would have punted or kicked the FG. However, we have seen it backfire. But hey, that happens. Still, merely being aggressive in those situations does not make one a great coach. He sucks at challenges. He sucks at personnel management. He sucks at putting together a staff. He sucks at gameplanning and making adjustments. Is all that excused just because he's willing to go for it on 4th down every now and then?
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    I wish I was a very large man
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    Your wish is my command! big guy.jpg
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    If Titans finish 8-8 or worse, I don't see how anyone can sit here and say Munch is a good coach with a straight face.

    What about 3 seasons of no playoffs and a .500 record or worse makes someone a good coach?
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