Has Munch been unlucky this season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RockyTop Fox, Nov 17, 2013.

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    Standards have to be higher than a few good games a season. If you can't play 16 games almost every year, you don't cut it.

    If you can't make the playoffs in 3 years, you don't cut it.
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    I'm getting this weird vibe from a lot of you that somehow good coaching can prevent a player making mistakes like fumbling and dropping balls. If this is true, riddle me this, why has Belichik arguably the best coach in the league been unable to prevent his starting running back Steven Ridley from fumbling and losing those fumbles more than any running back in the league? Why has he been unable to prevent his passing game with an elite QB at the helm from being near the top of the drops by recceivers list in the league? Wanna know how this genius has overcome all of this adversity? I'll give you a hint the answer starts with a Tom and ends with a Brady and we sure as hell don't have one of those.

    I understand the frustration with Much, I do. But when I watch this team time and time again what has been costing us wins are physical errors made by our players. That overthrow by Jake vs the cows, player error, nothing to do with Much. CJ's 2 fumbles against the Jags, physical errors, nothing to do with Munch. Wylie's fumble was also a player error and a lot of you (myself included) were liking the Wylie pick up. We had no idea he would fumble at one of the most crucial moments of the game, neither did Munch, he isn't psychic. That's just a few game changing errors that easily could have us at 7-3. None of them were caused by Munch.

    Mistakes are what's killing us. Notice how we were wining in the first four weeks by playing mistake-free football? What happened when we started making mistakes against the Chiefs and ever since? Exactly, losing. There's no denying this, our coaches had us in position to dominate the Colts, clearly their coaching/gameplan was good. The coaches didn't all of a sudden forget how to coach our players started playing like crap. It's that simple. I'm not a huge Munch fan but I'm not in denial either, you can bring in whoever you want and unless our players play better we'll still lose.
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    I called into the MM show tonight and pointed out MMs preseason quote “Believe me, we will not disappoint you this year." I expressed my bitter dissappointment with the season

    Keith and MM said there was 6 weeks too go and those things would be evaluated at that time. I only called cause the first call of the night was a 'rah-rah' were behind you coach call
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    i cant stand those rah rah calls.... people need to get in touch with reality, this year has sucked more than the last two because now I think we all realize that we wasted the last three years with this guy as head coach. Time for Change!
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    That was you!? You brought the heat, bravo for breaking up the monotony!

    Mike Keith can't wait to start pitching softballs after those calls....."Coach, please explain for the 475th time the rules concerning padded practices."
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    All of this is true and yes he is a little bit unlucky, but as a head coach you set the tone for the team. You are the leader, you are the captain of the ship, and if we continue to lose games the same way with the same mistakes over and over then that falls on the coach. When is this team going to make the adjustment? Not only is there accountability for the players but for the coaches too, if we have all the talent and aren't getting results then someone needs to go and something needs to change.

    The loss to Jacksonville was absolutely inexcusable. MM has had plenty of opportunities to prove his worth as head coach and he has dropped the ball every single time. That's why he needs to go. I appreciate his loyalty to this franchise and he is a nice guy, I do feel bad for him but in business you need to put your feelings aside and move on.
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    Right and though the Patriots have all of those mistakes they continue to WIN!!! That's the difference.

    As far as Brady goes, you remember when he went down and the Pats went 11-5? Its not just Tom Brady.
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    You conveniently forget that the Patriots didn't fall apart when they had to use Matt Cassell or Brian Hoyer instead of Brady. And it's not like those two went on to do great things elsewhere...
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    Add that it was Munchak who fired Lowry. Now where are with ST's? Does Munchak bench CJ the way that Coughlin and Belichek bench fumblers for a while?

    The players don't buy into what Munchak is selling. They know that vanilla flavoring only barely wins games when your personnel is way better than your opponents. And hardly any team in the NFL has truly "way better" personnel. There has to be some edge, some innovation, some motivation from the HC down in order to get the players to buy in and give their all. The lack of those traits is why our players don't buy in. It's pointless in their eyes to risk injury and their future for a system design that has such a poor chance to succeed to begin with.
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