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Has Munch been unlucky this season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RockyTop Fox, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. Vigsted Starter


    No you're absolutely right! In fact ownership should just fire all the coaches and not hire any replacement, because they don't have an impact on how players perform anyways.... That'll save Tommyboy a pretty penny, I'm sure he'd like that
  2. Johnnyrex Special Teams Standout

    I really think this team lacks a killer instinct when it's time to finish the games we lead... they became to passive like they just dont want to mess up or something. I like Munchak, but this type of agressiveness must be instill by the head coach.

    Still, I agree that the players are the ones who are giving games away with their clumsiness. I can understand interceptions, some missed tackles, penaltys, even the safetys but fumbles?? At this level, if you cant hold on to the ball while running you shouldn't be playing, period.
  3. Big TT Pro Bowler

    You are what your record says you are. That is all there really is to it.
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  4. RollTide All-Pro


    Reynaud had 3 touchdowns last year. He was the best return man we had. Then he went retard. If Mariani was not physically ready for the job then that was logical.
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  5. Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    How many times do we have to lose to winless teams before people wake the **** up?

    Dude is a joke.
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  6. Dman Starter

    Here is reality.... Munch sucks at a head coach, evaluating talent and fails to win division games. You cannot have the division record that he has and still be a head coach in this league! Can't wait for him to be gone. I want a new regime with a new qb.
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    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande

    Mistakes are a part of the game. Every team makes them. The better teams still find a way to win. No, it's not all on Munch. This team is full of mediocre players.

    It's bad luck the Titans have had such horrible results with their early draft picks. Wright looks like the real deal but the pessimist would not be surprised if it's temporary.

    To me, the biggest area of bad luck is the running game. Injuries to the OL and Greene are beyond Munch's control but there was a lot of money/draft picks poured into CJ and the OL which hasn't paid off. That means a lot of mis-evaluation by Webster, Munch, Matthews and the entire scouting staff.

    Was extending CJ bad luck? It was poor judgement to have paid CJ, IMO.

    So far, paying Levitre what they did was a mistake as is taking Warmack so early. And the Titans now have some big decisions to make at OT. Big Country is gone, IMO, and Roos' run-blocking skills have declined to the point where it's beginning to offset his high level of pass-blocking. Screw up those decisions will set the run game even further back.

    Munch has had some bad luck but no more than any other coach in the league, IMO.
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  7. nickmsmith has the most poverty RB corp.

    YES. he has had bad luck. He inherited a ship that was already wrecked.

    BUT.. you are responsible for your team's on-field play, and it's been horrible. There have been plenty of coaches who have been fired for much less.. Marty Schottenheimer for example.

    You know what you're getting into when you take over the Browns, Titans, Raiders, Jags, Bucs, Rams, etc. uphill battles.
  8. Riverman That may be....

    Bad luck? Blame? Fault? Jesus- that is "loser-speak"!

    This is an issue of RESPONSIBILITY. It is/was Munchak's RESPONSIBILITY to field a winning team. He hasn't' met his own self-described goals. Do you feel sorry for Munchak when he deposits that fat check in the bank?

    Nothing I'd like better than for the team to win out, beating the chit out of the Broncos on the way to a glorious Super Bowl run and win, and a dynasty for years to come . But there is NOTHING that suggests that is happening. Well nay be a one in a bazillion chance. (Cue dumb and dumber "so you're saying there is a chance".)

    There comes a point in successful management where you have to hold accountability over loyalty and reality over hope. Munchak was a HOF player but not a good HC. Expecting/hoping that to miraculously change is foolish.
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  9. 520 Starter

    shoulda said coaches my bad

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