GM Mike Reinfeldt: Rusty Smith is not starter material.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by jessestylex, May 7, 2011.

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    Go back and read what you just wrote. Then see if you can make sense of it. Yes I'm basing my opinion on a normal, typical, whatever GM/HC relationship not some trumped up fantasy based on nothing (actually the facts point to the opposite).

    Now I'm not sure how much real life experience some people have but I have a boss at work who is higher on the org chart than I am, who can veto my opinion any time he wants but to assume because of that my boss lords over me and has no respect for my opinion would be pure fantasy. That is what we have here assuming that is how Fisher managed the team.

    Also we have discussed the concept ad nauseum this ridiculous idea Fisher is supposed to reveal how much "power" he has as if the HC doesn't get enough blame anyway. Fisher was the HC. This isn't some kind of kindergarten circus, it is a professional football team and if anyone is accountable it is the HC. Fisher by the way NEVER threw ANY of his coaches under a bus and blamed them for the poor performance of the team. Again you have things distorted 180 degrees backwards.
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    Soxcat, you're continually putting words in my mouth and reading into things that aren't there at an almost RollTidian rate.

    <--------- Over it. Goodbye.
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    Did anyone expect Rusty to be starting material?
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