Pre-Game Thread Game 6: Titans @ Seahawks

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by kpak76, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Hawkinit

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    This is true! Unger will be back, how many snaps, all dependes on the beating of the arm he takes and the score. The line is patched up with reserves, McQuiston and Bowie, but thats what has to be right now. This game, as all, is important to Seattle. If ya believe the "Hype",the Hawks need to win everything at home for sure, to keep the HFA at bay. Tennessee is not going to be overlooked in any sense of the word. Titans need to win and they will play with everything they got to accomplish that, I'm sure! Fritz will have it tough, as many before him, calling audibles a the line. Ya got to give it to the 12th MAN, they really are a force to recon with. Being a Hawk Fan I believe they win but, I've seen and put up with too many losses with my beloved HAWKS in years passed. I'll be first to tip my hat to a Titan win! Good Luck!
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  2. Anthony4Titans

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    Mark Schlereth just made a bold prediction: Titans with 6 turnovers Sunday.

    Gee whiz, these guys are great at their jobs.
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  3. 5tweezyPOT

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    lol we lose to the chiefs and all the sudden were a joke or what
  4. GoT

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    W against Chefs was stolen
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  5. Tim

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    Hawks 13 and a half point favorites.

    My question is, do they play better as underdogs? I mean no one no one is giving them a shot. In past history these are the games we steal.

    titans 24
    hawks 17
  6. CJtheBeast

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    The offense will play better this week. We've played against good defenses week in and week out. Fitz has another week to get in sync with the receivers and the run D of the Hawks isn't as good as the Chiefs.

    It hurts not having Greene back but Fitz can move the chains if the run game stalls and you never know, CJ might be due for his breakout game (or the line may open up some creases, either or).

    I think its gonna be a close hard fought game. Our team definitely won't lay down so the outcome of this game is gonna be determined by the effectiveness of our offense. Put up a few points and we have a shot. Have too many 3 and outs and we might not be able to keep up.
  7. Dman

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    If we fix our mistakes from last week we will be ok vs seattle but we need to fix the mistakes. I will say this now, if we have 4th down in the red zone in the first half take the 3 points, we need all the points we can get. After half time go all out and beat these hawks!
  8. Cajun_Titan_33

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    I can't wait for this game. Win or Lose we will see how serious our Defense is. Will be a tough battle.

    Keep turnovers and penaltys down to a minimum and we have a shot at winning this game!
  9. 5tweezyPOT

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    ok no negative comments from titans fans here. I want to hear why the titans WILL win tomorrow. because they WILL.

    I know the titans WILL win tomorrow because verner and j0mac WILL have at least one int each! not only that but one WILL be a pick 6! our d ends WILL dominate the back up tackles they have and their center whose been out for two weeks will be breathing hard by the end of the game and casey WILL dominate him the 2nd half. Kendall wright WILL have a big game and score a few tds.

    close good football game but

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  10. Dman

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    Battle is gonna truck some hawks over tomorrow! We will control TOP with our run game. Nate and Wright will make great catches! Our Defense will do what they always do and thats HIT SOMEONE!
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