Fisher Won't Name QB Starter Yet for Regular Season Opener

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Gunny

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    Comparing 24 games to 152 is a touch unbalanced.

    Shockey and Toomer have had their best years (stats wise) with Collins throwing them the ball.
  2. Volek has had a few good games. But no one who has watched him play for the last few years and knows what they are watching actually thinks he's a quality starter, certainly not in this offense. He was terrible last year and clearly they didn't think too much of him this preseason.

    He has a great deep ball, but that's it. He holds the ball too long. He has been injured a lot. He has little experience. And most of all, the coaches clearly have no faith in him.

    Collins is no great shakes. But he's a career starter with tons of experience. Volek's best traits are also Collins' best traits, so it's not like we are losing anything. But Collins has a proven career showing he can start in the NFL.
  3. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    Well, it's official... Collins is going to light 'em up Sunday. :ha:
  4. RollTide

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    Gunny you are right. It would be presumptuous to say that carson palmer and ben rothlisberger are better than kerry collins also because they have been in a similar number of games as volek. It would be unbalanced? Sorry but i don't have to wait until volek is 38 years old to decide whether he is better than collins or not. I can compare them.

    Starkiller, given our running game the first 3 preseason games and the fact that givens barely played and jones didn't play at all what kind of passing rating should volek have had for you to say that he's done ok?

    It's funny when you say volek was "terrible" last season because his passing rating in 2005 was almost identical to kerry collins' career rating....77! Now that you shot yourself in the butt it's advised you get medical help. I'm sure gunny knows basic first aid..

    If kerry collins starts on sunday we will have proof that jeff fisher is an idiot. We can have a last minute starting QB but not a new defensive coordinator?
  5. In other words, you think you know more about what's going on than the Titans' coaches...

    I'm not talking about pure stats. I'm talking about who will be the better QB for this team in 2006. As I've shown many times, the numbers don't tell the whole story. Certainly not if the only number you are looking at is QB rating.
  6. RollTide

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    Starkiller get real...

    The coaching staff might not be any better at what they do then kerry collins has been as a QB. Average! Fisher has had 4 winning seasons out of 11 and collins 3 in that same time so maybe that is true. That's what we are going to find out this year.

    If there is a better stat to evaluate performance then show it to me and use it to collins favor. I'm game. Even if they consider collins a hairs width better than volek, volek should start because he has been in this offense for 2 camps and a season vs collins' 2 weeks.

    Volek completed 64% of his passes this preseason. It's not like the guy is horrible. Everyone knows that our team as a whole didn't play well those first 3 games and with a poor running game and 2 of our best WRs out i just don't see how volek did that bad. I can justify bringing collins in but not starting game 1.
  7. RollTide

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    Voleks running game support..

    Henry and brown combined stats first 3 preseason games.

    37 carries

    122 yards

    3.3 average

    Damn volek couldn't block anyone! Collins is big and physical and will help the running game. He'll be better! Start collins!

    Volek didn't have 2 of his three best Wrs and that kind of running game support and still managed to complete 64% of his passes. Cut him now!
  8. Fisher is also the most successful coach in franchise history, so I can cherry pick stats just like you to prove the opposite point...

    You are trying to compare a guy who has thrown over 5000 NFL passes to a guy who has thrown roughly 500. Volek's handful of big games pads his stats, but he has looked awful a lot as well. So you can look at the stats all you want, but just because Volek has better numbers in limited time doesn't mean he's the better QB.

    And they have already decided that Volek can't hack it. Better to go with a QB they think can even if he is limited than a guy they have already decided can't. Collins has helped lead a team to the Super Bowl, another to an NFL championship game, and has had some otherwise good seasons. And other times he has looked very iffy on some bad teams. But at least he has a proven track record. Volek basically has none, and the only people who can judge him with any depth have decided that he can't hack it.

    You might be able to theoretically justify it, but I can just as easily justify the opposite.
  9. skitch

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    Mark Howard already "broke that code" this morning on 104.5. He made the joke that "Volek got about as many snaps as....." I can't remember who he used, but it was like a member of the media.
    In other words, Volek got no (or only a couple of) snaps in yesterday's practice.
    Paul Kauharsky(sp?) was on with them and said..."I'm not commenting on that. Jeff, if your listening, I had nothing to do with this. I didn't say a word."

    Looks like Collins starts.
  10. skitch

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    The "3rd quarterback rule" won't let that happen.
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