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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gunny, Oct 1, 2006.

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    We could debate how winning losing these games effects the "vast majority of Titans fans". All I know is on Monday after seeing what we saw Sunday I hear a "vast majority" of people in the workplace talking about something that doesn't "effect their lives significantly". Certainly it is arguable if it should effect their lives like it does but I believe it does have an effect and kind of sets the tone for the whole week for some people. Now as we continue to lose the effect gets more minimal because we begin to not expect them to win and begin to care less. Also, you talk like it is just a game and all but look at how much $$$ some people plow into this each year. People are taking a significant amount of their free time on a Sunday to throw down a few hundred bucks for seats, parking and food and then get to watch a bunch of poorly coached and poorly prepared men who are making more money in one year than many will make in their life times play like a bunch of losers.
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    No, but if DirecTV or Comcast or DISH decides to downrez the signals they are putting out thereby preventing you from seeing the true HD picture you know your new TV is capable of providing I would assume you would get pretty hacked off since you are paying them to provide that very picture to you.

    I know I do because they all do even now. The networks are even beginning to use filters to "warm" [i.e. reduce detail] on their news networks to avoid the anchors and hosts looking older due to the resolution of the HD Cams they are using. Can't have any wrinkles now can we???

    My analogy for what it is worth.
  3. Sure, I get annoyed when I can't watch the HDTV in full resolution. But just because I get annoyed that CBS isn't showing the Titans game in HD isn't the same as me getting worked up over the game itself...
  4. Look, I understand that not everybody agrees with my philosophy despite the fact that it's entirely true that winning and losing has no impact on their real lives. And I have no problem with talking about the team's problems, just in getting so emotionally invested in it.

    I don't really understand why people pour that much money into a team, either, but it's basically the same argument with a slightly different tint. It's just replacing emotion with money.

    And I'm not against spending money on their team. But just because you spend a bunch of money on that stuff doesn't give you any more reason to complain. It's all voluntary spending. You don't have to buy tickets. You don't have to buy food. You don't need jerseys, shirts, hats, posters, or anythinging else else. And I guarantee you that people who don't have PSLs and don't spend a bunch of money on the Titans still can complain about the state of the team...
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    Well before the season started I kenw the Titans were going to have a rough year, so this doesn't come as a surprise to me. In fact, I am thinking of long term and hope they go 0-16 to get a top 2-3 pick. I don't see what finishing 5-11, or 7-9 does for a team when they are trying to rebuild. The Colts were REAL bad for several years and built their team up.

    The thing that humors me is when the fans in here really believe the Titans have any chance in games we know they don't. It's great to be positive, but being realistic is more sensible. The fans that get really upset seem to be the ones that try to convince themselves the Titans should be better. All I say is be REALISTIC and realize they are one of the worst teams in the league and just accept it. Watch the games with no expectations and enjoy the progress of Vince Young and the players around him and know it will be a few years before they will be respectable again. Stop getting your hopes up, you'r'e just setting yourself up for big let downs every week.
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    If you paid to go see a movie and they then showed a different movie, or the movie turned out to be utter crap, would you leave the theater happy that you spent money on it?
    Or if you paidto see a live play by Shakespear and the actors butchered the play, would you still be happy?

    I wouldn't.
  7. GoT

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    Loser talk. Obvious you don't actually attend the games.

    The fans at the statium are realistic. Cheering like mad in the 4th against the jets, stone cold silence in the 4th against daBoyz. Again it is only from a distance that this analitical attitude can work. The fans who go to the games want a competitive team and expect the team to play hard even when overmatched.
  8. rock8titans

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    Right. So you are teling me you believe they have a shot against the Colts Sunday in Tennessee? :crazy: :biglaugh:

    Snap out of it dude. Just hope for a competitive game.

    If I lived close enough to attend the games of course I would route for them too. But I wouldn't cry or let lt it ruin my day when they lose big and are uncompetitive, because I would expect it. Doesn't mean I want that to happen. So you think if they were to win 5-6 games that would be better than winning 0-1 games? You aren't thinking about long term then. Cause with a #1 pick they could get someone who could make a big difference next year. I want them to get a top offensive player for Young.
  9. Of course I wouldn't be happy. But I also wouldn't be mad enough to call into talk radio shows and post on the internet about how Shakespeare should be fired (probably too late for that, anyway) or Spielberg can't direct as if they kicked my dog or slapped my mamma...

    Again, just to claify, I have no problem with people pointing out the problems we have. I just don't see any need to get overly emotional on the topic...
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    If the colts show up in Tennessee sunday then
    Victory Is Ours!

    exactly my point

    Pure Loser talk, I'll take a home win anyday anytime.
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