Desean Jackson released

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by LoneWolf, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. 5tweezyPOT

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    about the baseball scuffle thing that's only cuz they cant take it further you think if they were allowed to battle to the death no one would end up dead?
  2. Alex1939

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    lmao baseball player brawl are not battles to the death. When is the last time you saw a baseball player rip a guys eyeball out or bite another dudes throat?

    Grow up kids.
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    What? You're joking right? Look at this video. It's like Ancient Rome in there.

  4. UrbanLegend3

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    Oh please no one really wants to fight in those baseball brawls. Dudes swing and miss more in those brawls than they do at the plate. I'm not necessarily saying that Desean Jackson is unequivocally not a thug just that we don't have anywhere near enough info to label him a full blown thug. This is what I hate about accusations. When you get accused of certain things it taints your entire life whether you're guilty or not. I feel so bad for guys that get accused of rape and our innocent because no one will really care when they're acquitted in court. In the public's mind he'll always be just a guilty guy that got away or "slipped through the cracks". Just the accusation is sometimes enough to ruin his reputation and even job opportunities.
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    I am just looking at him getting a pink slip from his former team. Nothing really said about the matter as everyone has been tight lipped. I heard just a few minutes ago that the players union is looking into the matter. I will repeat my former statement that it is certainly a damning indictment- that old saying if there is smoke, you will certainly find fire. No skin off my back- he is not a Titan. I do have my popcorn ready though.
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    im sayin its not but if it wasn't for the setting things could get way different

    one guy is wearin one color one guy another guy in red hits guy in blue all his homies come help him then the red guys homies jump in what do you call that

    a gang fight

    now replace homies with teammate


    your mind just exploded